Teahupo'o: Ten Days That Changed Surfing

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posted by Kate McCart

After being spellbound by the magic of Teahupo’o – from the comp running in six to ten foot perfection to the ‘Code Red’ tow day-of-days – we knew the agony and excitement of this year’s historic Billabong Pro at Chopes deserved to be preserved with a special book.

Editor and Designer Gra Murdoch trawled through no less than 12,000 images from Teahupo’o, and combined with writer extraordinaire Nick Carroll to craft a 144-page, no-advertisement balltearer of a coffee-table book.

And if that’s not enough, Billabong chipped in with a specially-made DVD featuring never-before-released super-slo-mo footage of the world’s craziest big wave charging session.

Teahupo’o: Ten Days That Changed Surfing from Surfing Life on Vimeo.

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