Guest Blog. Led Zeppelin by Annabel.

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posted by Kate McCart

Hey again guys!

Firstly thanks a bucket load to those who have been helping me in this comp by like’ing my posts! Without you all I am with zero chance, so please (if you like my posts!) keep like’ing!

In my 3rd “vintage rock tee for each day of California post”, I am wearing my Led Zeppelin tank – which comes with quite the story.

To start with, I had wanted this exact Zeppelin tee for years now. I was drinking at my favourite pub one night and in comes an old local wearing exactly it. As he was at the counter purchasing his takeaway, I naturally, feeling pretty confident after a few as you do, hurried up to him and offered him $50 for it (that’s a lot of long necks right?), and he turns to me and says “sweet-heart, it’s your for $20”. I insisted $20 is far too cheap but he said that it was all he needed, I quickly stopped arguing. I followed him outside and he took it off his back then and there and wandered off. After a few washes and a date with my scissors, I love it more than ever.

I am wearing it here with my Somedays Lovin’ lace flares, RM Williams Boots, hat from an Aussie Tourist shop and a bag from Morocco.

Big love,

Bel xxx