Blogger Diary. Bluesfest Day 2 Rundown.

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posted by Kate McCart

It was another stunning day in Byron. The sun was beaming, the sea breeze was cooling and the energy around Byron was unmistakable. I was most looking forward to David Bromberg, and he did not disappoint. He played an entire set of Blues, and even though there is so much that this artist can do and did not showcase in his set, I was still 100% satisfied.

His voice is so rich and wholesome which made his set so captivating. He almost sounds better live then he does on my iPod, and his rendition of ‘You’ve Been A Good Old Wagon’ demonstrated how talented he truly is. He pulled in quite a crowd and was having an absolute ball – Something that makes him so personable.

Before Buddy Guy had made his way through his first song, the crowd seemed a little disappointed. He decided to pull out ‘Cry Love’, the same song that he played only 10 hours prior. He still managed to put on a great show, with his constant smiling, whispers and solos not far from the set he played a few years back.

One thing which a few of us noticed was that Buddy’s stage seemed to be an area to meet with mates and get into conversation, rather then experiencing the music. Shame for Buddy (and me) as when this legend whispers, I actually want to hear what he has to say!

Earth Wind and Fire was a must for us to see. They definitely aren’t the disco machines which my parents used to go on about, but they did put on a great show. They went in pretty deep quite early which seemed to please only a fraction of the crowd, but in saying that, they certainly showed off how talented they are as musicians.

One artist which my mum made me swear that I would see what Candi Station. She is by far the most energetic, entertaining and good looking 73 year old woman I have ever seen! It was clear that we all knew the 71′ hit song ‘Stand By Your Man’ as the crowd erupts in excitement as she smashes it out. She is an incredible woman, I hope I am like that when I am her age!

Apart from the music, checking out that fashion here is always interesting and sometimes entertaining. There are some big personalities here at Blues this year, all of them having the time of their life! Check out some of our pics below.


Who has your favourite artist been so far?