Tobacco & Leather x Somedays Lovin. Q&A With Blogger Abbey Watkins.

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posted by Kate McCart

Somedays Lovin seem to have done it again with their Winter 12 Collection. Last year we saw Oracle Fox, and this year it’s the uber talented blogger/artist, Abbey Watkins from Tobacco and Leather. Her gorgeous illustrations are haunting, mesmerising and unique.

So take a peek below at this weeks Q&A with Abbey Watkins.

When did you realise you wanted to lead the life of a creative?


I had always been creative, but it was after I had left Art College and started to apply to universities when I really realised I wanted to work towards making a living from it.

From illustration to blogging to collaborating with designers, how would you describe your day/job/life?!


My days are so varied. It’s really difficult to find a harmonious balance between blogging, drawing, commissions and everyday life. Some days get swallowed up by just one of these things. I’d have to describe my everyday life as varied and spontaneous. Although it’s mainly just me sat at a table with a laptop and a sketchbook!

What inspired you to start blogging and how has blogging benefitted your career?


It was compulsory as part of my degree to have a blog so that’s where it started, but I had been following blogs for about 6 months before that. It’s unquestionable that blogging has benefitted my career. Nearly all my commissions have been through the publicity my blog has given me. It’s an amazing way to bring brands and artists together.


What kind of things influence your illustrations?


Almost anything. Mythology is something I always go back to, it’s such a rich source of visual imagery and really enjoyable to rework into your own creative visions. I also watch a lot of films from the 1960’s and 70’s, I love everything about those eras. Tattoos are steadily becoming a huge obsession of mine too, I can spend hours and hours looking through pictures and watching documentaries about them, they have such an interesting history of geographical symbolism.

What made you lend your illustrations to the Somedays Lovin’ collection and what inspired your pieces?


I was thrilled when I was approached by Somedays Lovin’ to collaborate. I was already aware of the brand and loved the vibe I got from browsing the website. The pieces where somewhat inspired by mythology, more towards that of a pagan/witchcraft theme. I like to think there’s an undercurrent of a universal awareness from imagery such as third eyes and moons; a vibe I picked up from a free spirited feel to Somedays Lovin.

The best thing about what you do?


There are quite a few pro’s in my line of work. I’d say one of the biggest pros is that my hobbies and interests are what I get paid for. There’s no mundane 9 to 5 battle, which I am ever thankful for. It’s also great to keep your own time, if there’s a gig I want to see on a Sunday night, I don’t have to worry about Monday morning.