Blogger Diary. It's California Time!

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Wednesday 5:00am. My alarm clock goes off, It’s California Time!! I roll out of bed, shower and check for the 100th time I’ve got everything for my trip. Camera check. Passport check. Clothes check.

The flight to LA is a long one so I settle in with my book, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. Four movies, three meals and 13 hours later the captain announces that we are ready to start our decent. My anticipation climbs and I sit staring out of the window at the stunning landscape below. Deserts. Canyons. I’ve never seen anything like it.

We arrive at LAX early morning and exhausted. Never mind. We’ve travelled across the globe embarking on a journey that will take us on a trip of a lifetime and there’s only one thing on our mind. Shopping. After receiving some poorly considered responses by locals, which lead us to a mall near LAX,  we decided to take the reins and do some exploring ourselves.

After stumbling across Santa Monica Pier, we knew that we couldn’t deny ourselves one of the ultimate tourist destinations in the area. For now, shopping was put on hold and fairy floss swiftly took its place.

What a place. The Pier was home to an eclectic bunch (to say the least) and provided some good quality people watching. Meters from each other was one street act more amazing and bazaar then the next. Belly dancing with a touch of Africa, break dancing, abstract painters, trapeze artists, snake and bird handlers (need I go on?).

Kia and Shane being the tourists that they are, they had to get amongst the two pythons and McCall.

After eating our weight in chocolates and lollies, we decided it was time to fill up on proper food. And that we did. Being so close to the Mexican border, we couldn’t look past the super down to earth restaurant sitting on the end of the Pier. Giant servings accompanied by a second to none view, our afternoon couldn’t have panned out any better.

So, what better way to start the day than by exploring one of California’s most iconic tourist destinations! As we pack the car up once more, the anticipation killing all of us, we set off for Palm Springs.