Coachella Fest Recap. Fashion Day 1.

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posted by Kate McCart

Coachella always exceeds expectations when it comes to style. Whether it’s blazing sunlight and punishing 100-degree-plus heat (38 degree Celsius for us Aussies) or gusty winds and rain, the girls (and guys) sure know how to turn up the heat.

This year the assortment of style for weekend 2 was quite unique, however florals, stripes and tribal prints seemed to be a popular feature. Prints were practically a requirement along with cute-as vintage accessories; outrageous headpieces and statement jewellery.

A sea of denim covered the desert terrain – everything from high-waisted cut-offs to old-skool denim onesies teamed with lace, bustiers, and rolled-up shirts.

Loose-fitting dresses were also popular making for the perfect festival look.

Here are some of our fave looks from Coachella day 1. Stay tuned, with more coming tomorrow.