Electric Wilderness, and Daze at Sea!

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posted by Stab

It’s a scary time for surf DVD’s, and we feel for the directors of them!  Mostly because, fo’ free, you can get legally-downloaded digital shorts.  And they always feature surfings best!  And the quality is amazing!  And the soundtracks are grand!  And they psyche you up, and make you laugh, and make you smile!!  What more could you want?

There are two brill’ examples right here.  The first, Electric Wilderness, was shot during a trip to Northern Sumatra.  It features Conner and Parker Coffin, Jack Freestone, Clay Marzo, Andrew Doheny, and Dillon Perillo, and the surfing is really, very pleasing. It is a Young Wise Tails production with Ryan Perry at the helm (with a little help from Adam Klevin).  Did we mention it has a soundtrack that is a sweet ol’ mix of Travis Tyge, Ben Pecorari and Valient Thorr?

The second example, Daze at Sea, is a Billabong production directed by Victor Pakpour.  It is a well-directed, considered flick documenting the Billabong team over the last year or so.  Think Joel Parkinson, Ryan Callinan, Jack Freestone, Wade Goodall, Ian Gentil, Laurie Towner, and many others.  Ain’t that a superb collection of wave-riders?

We suggest that if you have a little time (or even if you don’t), you press the ‘Full Screen’ button, then hit ‘Play’ and enjoy the show.  Oh, and there are download links just below the vids, so if you wanna keep these little babies forever, click away.

Download Electric Wilderness

Download Daze at Sea