The Dear Suburbia Soundtrack

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posted by Stab

We live in a wonderful age. Surf films are rarely collections of incongruous clips sliced to gratis music any more. As you’d hope most things in surfing have, the artistry of curating a surf film soundtrack has matured. And Dear Suburbia, Kai Neville’s newest film, is a other-worldly example of this maturity. Incomparable to Modern Collective due to timely innovation and differing style (Mind Dimension!), but it’s a step forward from what was still excellent audio in Lost Atlas. The most defining factor in DS‘s charming rawness was the overall dark vibe. If there’s one thing Kai does well, it’s feel out the best sounds to suit the backgrounds he shoots and the men he documents. Aside from considered angles and well-timed cuts, what more d’you want from a filmmaker?

You can now buy Dear Suburbia through iTunes, over here.