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posted by Kate McCart

As the sun shines ever brighter and festival season comes ever closer, our wardrobes at SurfStitch are calling out for brighter, lighter and louder pieces. We’ve gone on about colour pops and loud patterns – and the trend isn’t budging as more brands bring out crazy brights for both ladies and gents new arrivals.

Ladies, can we get a round of applause for…

The MINKPINK Pipe Down Skirt – Yellow Pink – $59.99.

Appropriately named, this little number yells and screams loud enough to be a statement piece in your summer wardrobe. Paired with a white singlet or tee, it’s a gorgeous daytime outfit, and paired with a cropped top and a pair of wedge heels, it’s the perfect piece for summer evening cocktails.

Gentlemen, can we get a round of applause for…

The Von Zipper Couch Surfer Singlet – Magenta – $45.99.

Singlets are slowly becoming a guys best friend on sticky hot summer days, and what better way to rock one than to go with colours that pop! Step out of your comfort zone a little, and don a statement singlet that’ll get heads turning.

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