Jordy Smith, and Gabriel Medina.

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posted by Stab

Wow. Between the Three Days clip pre-Lowers, and this collection of freesurfing clips from Europe, Jordy looks to be at the top of his game. The speed, power and flow, peppered with full spins, stales and wraps, is pure electricity.  Jordy Smith’s results on the world tour this year obviously haven’t been close to reflective of the way he is surfing right now.  Wouldn’t y’agree?  Punch play on this, then scroll down (just a little), if you please.

We are really, very fond of Rip Curl’s new Rubber Souls series.  It’s exciting, yes?  The most recent one stars Gabriel Medina (the runner up at the recent Rip Curl Pro, Portugal), shot whilst the goofyfooter was hanging out in California for the Hurley Pro just a little while back.