'Begin Again,' with John John Florence

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No, Begin Again doesn’t mean that this is John John Florence, current owner of a competition-preventing ankle injury, starting from scratch. “Begin Again means a new beginning,” says John John’s pal and filmer, the man behind Done, Blake Kueny. Blake is also responsible for putting together Begin Again. “It’s emptying out the hard drives and starting again fresh.” That means that all the footage in Begin Again, cut to Wake Up Lucid’s Feel It, is John John in his prime, pre-Snapper, from a more beautiful time when we were all so much happier, before MRI scans and ice packs were even thought of…  The last clip is the future of surfing footage, by the way.

Also starring Nathan Florence, Ivan Florence, Kiron Jabour, Koa Rothman, and Eli Olson. Filming by Damien Robertson, Daren Crawford, John John Florence and with Phantom footage from Chris Bryan.