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posted by Kate McCart

Chippa Wilson begun to speak about it, and BOOM, that’s it, ESPN, the famous channel which organizes the X-Games launched: “The Real Surf”. That’s it, the surfing is in the X-Games, but it’s not a traditional surfing competition, but a video competition. Eight professional surfers were invited to produce a video of 1 minute in length and were judged by a jury stemming from the surf industry .

So it’s through the video competition “The Real Surf”, that some of the great stars of the surf are going head to head, as their Internet audience decides on the winners!

The Real Surf2

Gabriel Médina, the winner of the competition, filmed the best sequence with his progressive style and beat Kelly Slater, Chippa Wilson, Dion Agius, Josh Kerr, Jordy Smith, Matt Meola and Albee Layer. Gabriel walked away with a $50.000 check and a golden medal from the X-Games.

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Check out Gabriel’s winning vid here: