Hello Monday!

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First of all, Happy Monday! Each week we start with Monday, making plans and new resolves (with maybe a touch of whinging). It’s not just the most difficult day of the week, it’s also the most motivating! Fresh starts and fresh ideas… what are your goals for this new week?

Here are some of mine: to be more organised, to get out more & travel, to make my living and working space more beautiful, to eat more healthy foods…

Whatever your resolves for the week are, set them, write them down and stick to them! And share them with us if you’d like! Take a look at some inspirational imagery I’ve come across and shop some SurfStitch pieces we love. Enjoy your new beginning!


Image: The Coveteur








For a beautiful and organised space…


1. Eggling Petunia Flower. 2. Doiy Polaframes Magnets – Colour. 3. Palm Beach Collection Vintage Gardenia Diffuser.

To help kick start that healthy eating


1. Black and Blum Eau Good Water Bottle – Blue. 2. Edward Monkton The Tea of Life Cannister. 3. Sunnylife Designer Salad Bowl – Bamboo.

For an active outdoor adventure


1. Bondi Beach Cruisers Iceberg 3 Speed Bicycle – Peach Pink. 2. DC Shoes Unilite Trainer Shoe – Black Fluorescent Pink. 3. Vans Chauffette Shoe – Ombre Red.

And to wear during all of this!


1. Minkpink Dark Romance Top – Black. 2. Tigerlily Mali Tribal Pant – Oat. 3. G-Star Raw S.J Parka Jacket – Butternut.