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Finders Keepers is a label based on effortless, fashion forward yet affordable clothing for the girl who can style herself and isn’t afraid to experiment in her satorial choices. Melanie Flintoft started the label in 2009 and in a few short years Finders Keepers has grown into the label of choice by fashionable gals all over. By sourcing constant inspiration from the street, to the runway and magazines, Finders Keepers continues to grow with their customer reflecting the trends of the season and conveying them through quirky patterns, bold colours and stand out designs.


This week I interviewed the uber babes and creative brains behind the label, Kate and Amy. This is a bit about what their doing at the moment, what they’re looking forward to most to this summer and their love of Cara Delevingne.

Finders Keepers in three words is… 

Feminine, fun, sophisticated

We got started as a Finders Keepers designer… 

Kate stared with the brand in 2010 as assistant designer for Finders Keepers. After studying fashion design Amy started with Australian Fashion Labels in early 2012 in a QA role. Earlier this year we both were promoted as co-head designers of the brand. We have nicknamed ourselves Kamy, just like Brangalina….

When I was younger I wanted to be… 

Kate: I knew I always wanted to be a fashion designer from a very young age….however being a mermaid was also on the list.

Amy: I always loved animals, so a vet was often on my ‘jobs-when-I-grow-up’ list.

If I wasn’t designing I would… 

Kate: still be doing something fashion related…. Is sailing around the world on a yacht and option?

Amy: I really can’t imagine not doing something creative…I do like Kate’s yacht idea though! Something travel related would be fun.

Our current muse and inspirations this season are… 

We are really digging Cara Delevingne at the moment, she’s a little bit crazy but has the confidence to pull it off. We are also constantly perusing ‘Syle Me Romy’ she does an amazing job and we just love the sophistication of her styling. But really it is the girl on the street that is our constant inspiration and muse. Street style is such a great way to see trends evolve from catwalk and magazines to reality.

The Finders Keepers girl is… 

The Finders Keepers girl takes untold pleasure in styling her look from head to toe. She is at the forefront of new trends and shines like a diamond in her sartorial choices.

My favourite era in fashion has been… 

Kate: The 90’s. So many great trends (and bad ones)

Amy: I have to agree with Kate, the 90’s is a favourite for me.

A typical day as a Finders Keepers designer looks like… 

We get into the office early and make a coffee of course! It’s nice when it’s quiet and no phones are ringing. Depending on where we’re at with our schedule, our day can consist of sketching a new range, looking for inspiration, organizing a photo shoot or fabricating styles. There is also a lot of time spent on our emails!

After a day’s work I wind down… 

Kate: cooking dinner with a glass of wine.

Amy: In summer, I hit the beach for a walk or swim. In winter, a glass of red by the fire is always a good wind down.

My personal wardrobe and style… 

Kate: is simple but sophisticated, lots of leather and denim mixed with a few stand out pieces.

Amy: is pretty relaxed and simple, my wardrobe is literally black, white and denim…. with of course some Finders Keepers mixed in!

If we could choose one print it would be… 

We pick a new print on a monthly basis as we have 11 ranges a year. But would have to say our favourite has been the ‘Palm beach/Miami nights’ print from September 2012, we did a revival of this in June 2013 as it was so popular.

Our summer essentials are… 

Sunglasses, iPad, ATG bathers, denim shorts, a good book and a new playlist of favourite songs.

This summer I’m most looking forward to… 

Kate: reviving my tan and being able to spend more time outdoors…everyone seems happier in summer

Amy: long days lying on the beach and balmy nights catching up with friends.

Finders Keepers future looks like… 

We are just really focused on growing the brand, and creating more fashion forward pieces for our beautiful customers. 2014 has some great prints, and gorgeous shapes, so stay tuned….

Five quickies:

1. Girl Crush: Kate/Amy: Kate Bosworth

2. Hometown: Kate/Amy: Adelaide

3. Favourite shopping destination: Kate/Amy: Rundle Street, Adelaide or Oxford Street, Sydney

4. Obsession: Kate/Amy: shiny things, terrariums, online shopping and Isabel Marant sneakers

5. Vegemite or Peanut Butter: Kate/Amy: Vegemite all the way!!!!

I can’t wait for the latest drop of Finders Keepers into SurfStitch HQ and if the campaign images below are anything to go by we’re in for sleek jackets, lots of lace in dresses and shorts and a new grown up approach to sports luxe.




Finders Keepers at SurfStitch


In Your Pocket Dress | Lets Get Back DressGreat Deception Dress


Moment in Time Top | Way To Go Top | You Sent Me JeanALLSTARS-2O6A8699

Images from their latest SS13 collection “All Stars