Monday Musts

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posted by Kate McCart

Monday’s here again and instead of whinging, I’ve compiled a list of things that could potentially improve a Monday, as voted by us here at SurfStitch!

Sometimes you just need a little bit of a kick – hope you enjoy these and please help us add to the list by commenting with what helps out your Monday!

1. A really good, hearty, healthy meal!


2. Travelling somewhere awesome. I know, obviously a harder one, but it’d sure make your Monday awesome!


3. Jumping off something! It’s winter here, but if you’re blessed with some warmer weather, leaping into the ocean really is an incredibly liberating feeling!


4. Taking a nice long bath. With candles and all – you’ll feel relaxed after totally switching off!


5. Doing a big dorky jump like this! It looks ridiculous, but trust me, it feels AWESOME!


6. Letting your hair down (both literally and figuratively). Try giving a more relaxed approach to something in your day. Stress less and decompress!


7. Watch a sunset. It soothes the soul. Enjoy it – they’re beautiful even if they’re not in Cali!


8. Ride a moped. If you don’t own one, it’ll cost you, but it’s super fun and you’ll feel like you’ve gone on a little European escape. Oui oui!


9. Read a good motivational quote. Maybe even save it as your screen saver for the day!


10. Get your hair did! For the ladies – even just a blow dry can make you feel super fine! A new snip will have you feeling fresh and fabulous.


HAPPY MONDAY! Don’t forget to comment with your Monday remedies!