INTERVIEW: Kelli Wharton from Talulah

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A recent addition to SurfStitch’s collection of fashion brands is unique Australian brand TALULAH, created by award winning designer, Kelli Wharton. With incredible collections featuring modern cuts and lines mixed with feminine prints, this label is bold and eclectic, with a little bit of sparkle! Today we chat to the lady behind the label, designer and director of TALULAH and Isla by TALULAH, Kelli Wharton.


Karla: If you had to describe TALULAH as a person, what would she be like?

Kelli: She is seriously fun, loves life and everyone around her & has a beautiful smile

Karla: What made you decide to become a designer and to spark your own unique label?

Kelli: I was sewing from the age of 14; I loved art and everything about colour and fabric.  I entered the RAQ awards when I was 17 and won the award which sparked my creativity to a new level.  Then again when I was 21 I entered the RAQ awards in the lifestyle section with four beautifully printed dresses.  I had decided if I won it again I was going to start TALULAH and get the label off the ground – I thought it would be a sign if I won again.  I won the award and the rest is history, I gave it everything I had and followed my intuition to make my dreams come alive with TALULAH.


Karla: What was your first job and what did you learn from it that helps you today?

Kelli: I worked in retail and learnt so much about customers; what they want and why they want to buy that special piece.  I never forget today when I am designing who my customers are and where they are wearing TALULAH.

Karla: If you weren’t designing, what would you do?

Kelli: Travelling to all the beautiful places around the world, doing art classes, yoga and enjoying the sunny days with my two beautiful boys.

Karla: Where do you go to switch off and find inspiration?

Kelli: Wategos in Byron


Karla: Current muse/inspiration this season?

Kelli: I love Cara Delevigne

Karla: We’re seeing lots of bold floral and other prints with feminine cuts in your current range on SurfStitch, can you give us a hint of what’s to come?

Kelli: I am working on next year’s ranges as we speak; I am so excited to release everything.  There is a lot of graphic floral, and new modern lines. Mixed print combos and having loads of fun with colour.

Karla: What’s your favourite TALULAH or Isla by TALULAH piece currently on SurfStitch and why do you love it?



Kelli: I love this one piece, I wore mine on the weekend.  It’s just the perfect print and I love a one piece for stand up paddle boarding.  I think it looks cute after the beach if you pair back a little skirt with it.

Karla: And five quick ones…


–          Favourite ice cream flavor: coconut

–          Best song of all time: The Police – Message In A Bottle

–          Number one beauty rule: exfoliate for beautiful fresh skin

–          Favourite summer activity: the beach and cocktails in the sunshine

–          Heels or flats? Flats by day, heels by night

Karla: Last question… what is the best piece of fashion advice you could give any girl?

Invest in statement printed pieces you love each season and wear them as your everyday wardrobe. Feel beautiful every day in print not just on special occasions.