INTERVIEW: Model Silka Kurzak

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Karla from SurfStitch: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! You must be busy – what new projects have you taken on since winning the Face of QT Fashion Week and Awards?

Silka Kurzak: I’ve been very busy since being named Face of QT Fashion Week & Awards, shooting the campaign for QT Fashion Week and fulfilling media commitments – it’s been a whirlwind of activity and I haven’t had much downtime lately, but I like to stay busy so there’s no complaints here!

K: What are some of your favourite labels showing at QT Fashion Week?

S: I’m not 100% of all the designers that have been confirmed for QT Fashion Week 2014 yet but I’m hoping a lot of the designers from last year will be returning to show again. I really love Talulah, Marlies Dekkers, Ellery, Lisa Brown, Nicola Finetti and Dion Lee, so I’d love to see what they all have in store for the upcoming season! I’m also excited to see what last year’s up and coming designers, especially Peony Swimwear and Muchacho have done.


K: Tell us about your personal style – what do you look for in a fashion brand?

S: My personal style changes depending on what I’m doing and where I’m going. I like to venture outside of the norm sometimes and would be the person who dares to wear it. I try not to buy based on brand name alone; I do have my favourites but I like to look for something different that not only complements my figure but shows a bit of my personality! My closet is a mix of beautiful vintage designer pieces, European designs and basics from chain stores! I have a lot of unique garments that I’ve picked up on travels with my mother.

K: Describe yourself in three words?

S: Unique, affectionate and bubbly.

electrique swimwear

K: Which Summer pieces are you loving at the moment?

S: I can never go past a great silk kaftan in the Summer but at the moment I’m also really into long jumpsuits, accessorised with sunglasses and a big hat!

K: What are some of your favourite brands on SurfStitch?

S: I think this answer would be a lot shorter if I just listed the brands I don’t like – in fact that list would almost be non-existent. I really love almost all of the brands on SurfStitch, but it would be hard to pass up anything from Zimmermann or Camilla and Marc. I like to keep an open mind about designers and prefer to just buy styles or designs that I like, express who I am and suit my figure.


K: Here at SurfStitch, we believe in shopping online but living offline. How do you like to switch off and live offline?

S: I really believe in taking some ‘me time’ every day to switch off to focus and centre myself. Whether it’s yoga, pilates, a walk on the beach or a session in the gym, I find that this time every day helps me to be the best possible ‘me’ I can be! I also like having that time out from technology to enjoy the simple life.

K: What are some of your favourite travel destinations?

S: I do love a tropical holiday! Anywhere with clear water, sand and a cocktail! Having said that though, some of my best holidays have been in Europe – I especially love Paris, Venice and Milan.


K: You’re off on a tropical holiday and you can only pack five things, what are they?

S: Only five things ??!? Wow, that’s hard. Ok, most definitely sunscreen (gotta be sunsafe!), a good pair of cheeky cut bikinis, a sun lounger with towel, a big floppy hat and a never ending cocktail – for hydration purposes only of course 😉

K: And finally, five quick questions:

  • Heels or flats? Heel for sure!
  • Beach or pool? Love what mother Earth has to offer – the beach!
  • Night in or night out? Night in – I’m such a homebody!
  • Handbag essentials? Definitely my phone, my favourite lipstick and a Herbalife protein bar!
  • First word that comes to mind when you think of SurfStitch? Satisfaction.