Trend Alert: Chunky Knits

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posted by Evangeline

Chunky knits are arguably the greatest pieces in all winter wardrobes. Nothing is better than a chunky knit to keep you warm and comfy but still looking good on those chilly winter days.

The chunky knit trend can be worn with so many different looks. You can wear them with any of your jeans, leggings, short skirts, a-line maxi skirts…basically anything! One of our favorite ways to wear this trend is to add a little leather to your look, there is nothing wrong with a bit of contrast and edginess! Try your chunky knit with a leather skirt or leggings, if you’re braving the extreme cold go for a leather jacket.

This seasonal trend is one that we love, because let’s face it; there’s no better feeling than staying warm and comfortable all day while still looking good!

If you haven’t stocked up on your chunky knits yet you should start now! Check out our range here.

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Pink Stitch Zero Sweater                                                            Billabong Kiliminjaro Knit

5-29-2014 1-54-04 PM

Three of Something Solstice Jumper                                      Elwood Marble Knit Jumper


Images sourced from Fashion Gone Rogue, JessicaSerrano, honestlywtf, trendhunter, fashioncity, google and other.