ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Ball Park Music - Puddinghead

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posted by James Willmott


It’s that time again! Brisbane 5 piece indie pop band Ball Park Music and their newly released album ‘Puddinghead’ take this weeks ‘Album Of The Week.’ Since forming in 2008, Ball Park Music have created so much hype it’s almost a joke, with fan groups from all demographics supporting the great tunes the young indie band provide. This is the groups third studio album in only 2 years, with their improvements in every aspect being phenomenal. Whether in the form of production, lyrics or instrumental talents, its evident the group are growing at a fast rate, something we are all very excited about.

From slower rhythms to more upbeat tunes and vibrancies, ‘Puddinghead’ has something for everyone. The album features some amazing guitar riffs and seems to tell life how it is, with a heap of fun and unique personality thrown in to make it their own.


In 2013, the group decided to really put their heads down and work solidly on the album, much different to their other releases which were written on and between tours. Boy did it pay off. Since dropping in April this year, ‘Puddinghead’ has furthered Ball Park Music’s success enormously, rating at #2 on the Australian charts and only 22 copies from taking #1. Good effort right? To make things even sweeter, the band wrote, recorded and produced the entire 11 track album.

As the groups popularity continues to grow, so to do their fan base and radio play. You may have heard their hit singles ‘Surrender’ and ‘All I Want Is You’, and though it may sound crazy, the new tracks from ‘Puddinghead’ simply take the cake. Don’t believe us? Take a listen to ‘Trippin’ The Light Fantastic’ below, one of the awesome tracks from Ball Park Music’s new album, ‘Puddinghead.’

Ball Park Music’s new album ‘Puddinghead’ is available on iTunes and CD. If by chance you are heading to the greatness that is ‘Splendour In The Grass’ this month, be sure to catch the bands live set, you’ll no doubt leave blown away. To learn more from the Brisbane band that is about to take the world by storm, check out their Facebook page. Stay tuned on the SurfStitch Blog as we bring you a new ‘Album of the Week’ every week, providing the best beats available to help out your weekend playlists!