ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Goat - World Music

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posted by James Willmott


Swedish group ‘Goat’ and their 2012 album ‘World Music’ take this weeks “Album Of The Week’ here at SurfStitch. While their music seems like something you may have heard before, the group are certainly something different from your usual alternative setup. The band originate from the small village of Korpilombolo in Sweden, though are based currently in Gothenburg. The small village is said to have a heap of history involving witch doctors and voodoo, and some say these aspects have influenced the way Goat write and play their music. True or not, it’s an interesting background story on how ‘World Music’ may have been influenced and written.

‘World Music’ ironically features a variety of different music styles. From psychedelic rhythms to strong rock and even a bit of tribal repetitive funk, Goat’s musical talents, mixed with raw vocals are certainly a killer combination. The fun atmosphere in the leading tracks certainly cannot be ignored. ‘Disco Fever’ is track 4 off ‘World Music’, and seems to take after some key psych-rock sounds of the 1960’s. Perhaps influenced by the memorising keyboard sounds of The Doors, Goat manage to throw their own spin on the music, making the listener feel familiar, yet completely new to their unique sounds.  Their own individual take on the different styles of music is what make the group so interesting and hey lets face it, the voodoo costumes are pretty cool too!


‘World Music’ was released in August 2012 under Rocket Recordings and Standerd Rekords. It was noted by ‘The Guardian’ to be one of the best album’s of 2012, and although a big call, you’ll soon understand where they are coming from. When asked about the name of the Album, band member Christian Johansson said  “The title World Music was chosen because we believe we play ‘world music,’ and that’s what we think everyone plays.”

The group have started to play to huge audiences at some of the worlds biggest festivals and venues, including Coachella and the Glastonbury Festival. With huge success from World Music, the band will release their new album ‘Commune’ this September which has us all at SurfStitch very excited!

Like the sounds of Goat? Check out the exclusive clip from SurfStitch and Dion Agius entitled ‘Sliced (Pudding)‘ as the Swedish group feature their track ‘Let It Bleed’ in the opening montage. Until then, check out the awesome psychedelic sounds of , Track 4 of this weeks ‘Album Of The Week’, ‘World Music’ from Goat. For further information on swedish group ‘Goat’, check out their website or Facebook. We hope to see them in Australia very soon!

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