ALBUM OF THE WEEK: The War on Drugs - Lost in The Dream

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posted by James Willmott


Philadelphia based, 1970’s styled rock band ‘The War On Drugs’ have some great tunes, and that’s saying the least. Their new album ‘Lost In The Dream’ was released in only April this year and through its unique sounds, takes this weeks ‘Album Of The Week’ here at SurfStitch. Recorded and produced under the label ‘Secretly Canadian’, the 4 piece indie rock band took over 2 years to record the new album, and it will sure impress, debuting and ranking at #26 on the Billboard 200.

It’s the 3rd studio album for The War On Drugs, this time portraying the groups clear influences from Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and even a bit of Bob Dylan. Through constructive, raw lyricisms to the bands use of synthesizes, horns and ambient guitars, ‘Lost In The Dream’ differentiates from previous records as it also contains just one instrumental track, something listeners seem to find very appealing compared to the bands last release.thewarondrugs

Though their last album may have been appealed to few and far between, ‘Lost In A Dream’ is the complete opposite, already claiming to be one of the most exciting albums of 2014. The album consists of 10 tracks, all running close to over 6 minutes long, all telling a different story. One thing is for sure, this album is of true Americana style. Whether you are listening to the epic guitar solo’s, or the raw vocal talents of lead man Adam Granduciel, ‘Lost In The Dream’ will make you want to fly to the States, hire a Chevrolet, drive West to East and experience all the movie moments of the classic ‘American Dream.’

Check out ‘Eyes To The Wind’,  track 6 off ‘Lost In A Dream.’ The album is available on iTunes, CD and vinyl for all your musical wants and needs! Don’t have a record player? Not to worry we’ve got you covered! Check out all of our audio products and accessories! The sound of pin on vinyl is a sound simply unbeatable, especially when The War On Drugs are gracing your eardrums.

For more information on ‘The War on Drugs’ check them out on Facebook or their official band page! Be sure to stay tuned here on the SurfStitch Blog for all the latest featured albums, artists and news!