ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Modern Baseball - You're Going to Miss it All

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posted by James Willmott

Modern Baseball – You’re Going To Miss It All

Modern Baseball’s ‘You’re Going To Miss It All’ is an amazing mix of indie-rock and it is with great excitement that the 2014 album takes ‘Album of the Week’ here at SurfStitch. If you’ve heard some of their earlier stuff, you’ll know exactly what we mean by mix of indie-rock and other music styles. The album features anything from slow tempos to faster indie-punk music, while still throwing in other surprises here and there, making ‘You’re Going To Miss It All’ such an exciting album. Released on February 17th this year, the album is only the second full recording album by the four young college students from Philadelphia. It hit #97 on the Billboard 200 and its indie-punk sounds continue to reach new audiences all over the world, with Modern Baseball playing a huge European tour later this year to simply meet demand. ‘You’re Going To Miss It All’ features 12 different tracks, all with their own feel, helping ensure something for everyone.

Though the captivating rhythms, catchy chorus and matching drum beats might initially be attractive aspects to continue listening, the deep lyrical meanings hold strong value for most, reminding listeners of life during their 20’s, or getting others ready for these years if the audience is a little younger. A time when relationships are coming and going for some, new responsibilities in life are expected and new opportunities and changes hit life everyday. Modern Baseball have once again been clever in mixing the good times with the emotional roller-coaster that is these years in life, with younger audiences relating directly, and older audiences reminiscing on these times in their own life.


‘You’re Going To Miss It All’ is a great album full stop. It’s one you can put on, listen to from start to end and manage to not skip one single track. Modern Baseball seem have taken influences from many different bands and musicians, combining them all for an awesome combination that is their own. Some of the faster tunes hold strong similarities to older Blink 182 music, while the slower tracks sound a little like Kings Of Leon or Weezer, although still remaining completely unique.

A language warning is recommended for this album. Although not in every song, there are a few words some may find offensive that slip through the cracks. Enjoy Track 4 from ‘You’re Going To Miss It All’,  called ‘Apartment.’

If you like the new sounds from Modern Baseball, you are not alone. ‘You’re Going To Miss It All’ is available on iTunes, Vinyl and CD for your listening convenience. For more information on Modern Baseball, check them out on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. If you are lucky enough to be travelling to Europe later in the year, be sure to check out their tour dates so you can catch plenty of the hit tracks off ‘You’re Going To Miss It All’ live in person!

Enjoy the music and be sure to keep up to date with everything else here on the SurfStitch Blog