ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Rebelution - Count Me In

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posted by James Willmott


Breaking out of the Santa Barbara area in Southern California and into the ears of reggae-rock lovers worldwide, Rebelution’s new album ‘Count Me In’ is definitely an album leading modern day reggae music into the world of tomorrow. The fourth studio album from the group demonstrates how down to a tee Rebelution have their music game, and furthermore, how they continue to stay at the top of the ladders on worldwide reggae charts. ‘Count Me In’ was released on June 10, 2014, and has continued to blast through headphones, car stereos, radios and computers all over the world since the moment the first track was played.

If you haven’t heard of the group before, Rebelution is 4-piece roots and reggae-rock group, bringing the fun loving beats of these genres into the present day. Since forming in 2004, the group have taken the reggae world by storm, and now 10 years down the track, it is obvious Rebelution continue to stay true to their roots. Their superb mixes of reggae, roots and rock are all elements that make each track so easy to listen to, with attractive trumpet sounds and drum beats just adding to the flavour. ‘Count Me In’ no doubt draws inspiration from other Southern California reggae rock bands such as Sublime and Long Beach Dub All-Stars, though lead vocalist Eric Rachmany puts the Rebelution feel on things with this calming, yet at times energetic lyricisms and vocals. Each track on ‘Count Me In’ lives up to Eric’s self expectation and ability to use metaphors and descriptive lyrics, all while keeping it all sounding so peaceful and simple. It’s amazing.

When explaining how Rebelution had grown since forming, Rachmany said “We still have the same energy as we did as a young band, if not more. The more experience we had doing this, the more inspired we became.” He then continued with  “Rebelution is a great example of four friends who got together to play music for the fun of it, and still do that today. We just play music that we really enjoy.”reb1

The 11 Track album is simple to play from start to finish, the full length being no longer than 40 minutes. The bouncy, upbeat feels of the guitars and drum beats is that classic sound of reggae, with engaging lyrics keeping things simple, yet allowing listeners to think and relate all at the same time.

Though still still recording under their own label 87 Music, the band have also teamed up with rock label Easy Star Records, at first leaving fans sceptical on whether the bands sounds and musical ideas would change. Not the case at all for the four friends from So-Cal. If anything, ‘Count Me In’ seems almost more mellow than their 2012 release of ‘Peace Of Mind’ and their 2007 album, “Courage To Grow’, both which featured some more up tempo melodies.  RebelutionCountMeIn_zps7d3939d4

When it comes down to it, Rebelution simply want to spread the message of happiness and positive living and that is exactly what this new album does. Enjoy Track 8 off this week’s Album of the Week, ‘Count Me In’ by reggae-rock group Rebelution. You’ll be hooked instantly, with the sounds and easy going vibrations ready to prepare you for the weekend!