Essentials Between Seasons

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posted by Kate McCart

Halfway through winter already, thank god for that! It’s been a chilly winter so far, so we can only hope that spring brings warmer days with even better weather. For that your going to need the essentials for the seasonal transition.

1. The throw over jacket that will provide good warmth but not winter warmth that makes you cosy, just a warmth that is comfortable. A bomber jacket or a cardigan would be the most appropriate for this occasion. DMA36356IND-DEUS-1Deus Ex Machina Ian Jacket – Indigo L-600561-J05CHAS-LEE-1Lee Over and Over Knit Cardigan – Charcoal Stripe 

2. Pants that can be versatile in any condition. A pair that wont be too hot, but a pair that aren’t going to let you freeze. Pants that are comfortable and durable. PAM0690DOL-RUSTY-1Rusty Hook Out Beach Pant – Dark Olive 11-03-008NVYAC-AFENDS-1Afends Beach Pant – Navy Acid

3. Just the right accessories that will bring your outfit together, who knows when it may be sunny. You could need sunglasses that block out the mid morning glare, even the right pair of shoes that won’t hurt your feet whilst exploring on those awesome spring days. A watch that assists you when understanding the winter to spring tidal times.

Nike 2Nike Eric Koston 2 Max Shoe – LT Crimson Black Grey WatchesNixon The Rhythm Tide Watch – All Black   | Nixon The Supertide Watch – Translucent Charcoal S0082LEA-VALLEY-1Valley DB Sunglasses – Leather