ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Hilltop Hoods - Walking Under Stars

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posted by James Willmott


The Hilltop Hoods trio are back and better than ever after recently releasing their new album ‘Walking Under The Stars’. This album delivers on all levels, though from a quite different and mature aspect of their careers. The Hoods members DJ Debris, MC Suffa and MC Pressure have all shown their maturity in this album, demonstrating that they have grown out of the party anthems and grown into a wiser, more collaborative Aussie hip hop outfit.HH1The album which was released on August 8th features many up and comings that give another dimension to this already awesome album. Under the labels Golden Era Records and Universal Music, ‘Walking Under The Stars’ has already seen a huge success, topping the ARIA album charts for over two weeks. The group’s recent performance at Splendour in the Grass also replicates the growth and development of the trio, showcasing who they are today. ‘Walking Under The Stars’ is an album that really tells a story and it is this engaging aspect that has listeners all over the globe so hooked.

The excitement and lyrics have been strong elements when keeping listeners engaged and helping understand the journey that the Hoods have embarked on. The trio know how to not only create tracks, but make those tracks great. These Australian musical geniuses have included so many different riffs, rhythms, sounds and samples to create the hooks so unique to the Hilltop Hoods, and it’s these that makes the album so appealing.HH‘Won’t Let you Down Ft. Maverick Sabre’ has created the most hype so far, the raw chorus has allowed for an already amazing to somehow become even better. The album features the likes of Maverick Sabre, Drapht, Dan Sultan and Aaradhna, all helping to add other unique dimensions to their chosen tracks. This album also continues the lyrical conversation that Hilltop Hoods are having with everyone of their fans. By far the darkest and deepest song within the album, ‘Through the Dark’, demonstrates how Pressure’s journey is continuing to get stronger with life on the road. This personal track, holds a deep and meaningful conversation with his son and it’s truly a beautiful song. To add to the excitement, the Hilltop crew have also locked in a nationwide tour starting in just over a week. Check their official page for tour details and see them live in your city!

The album is available for purchase via digital download, vinyl or on CD. Don’t miss your chance to get into some of the best new music from the group referred to as ‘Australian hip hop royalty’. Enjoy one of our favourite tracks off the Hilltop Hoods new album, ‘Walking Under The Stars’ entitled ‘Won’t Let you Down.’