Trend Edit: Cheap Monday Spray On Jeans

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posted by Kate McCart

Cheap Monday have introduced a new concept, a jean that are the tightest jean you have ever tried on. The material is super soft and “the stretch is bananas!” The brand has proclaimed these are the comfiest jeans you’ll ever wear.

They will hug tighter, stretch further and look better then any other jean in your wardrobe. Cheap Monday have been known for their mid cost, high quality jeans yet this is just another huge leap further for the brand.

These new women’s jeans are thin jeans that have been described as similar to leggings, but comfier. Look out for these Cheap Monday’s on SurfStitch!

Spray-Black-1 Spray-Blue tumblr_n7drfdINLO1tr2e3vo1_500

Image sources: Cheap Monday, Tumblr and Pinterest.