Nic Lamb Wins Punta Galea

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posted by James Willmott

The northern coastline of Spain lit up and provided challenging conditions for the first event of the Big Wave World Tour’s Northern Hemisphere contest window. After a spectacular day of broken boards and heavy wipe-outs, it was American Nic Lamb who claimed victory over Hawaiian and current number 1, Makuakai Rothman.. Lamb scored an incredible 29.77, and the highest heat score in Big Wave World Tour history.



It was wave for wave in the final event with the unreadable line-up adding an extra element of competition at the infamous big wave magnet. After Rothman’s win earlier in the year at Peru’s Pico Alto, his confidence was high but seemingly not unbreakable. Sitting in second after the Hawaiian surfed two amazing waves, Lamb eventually struck back when he paddled into a huge left-hander, surviving a dangerous air drop and scoring the only perfect 10 in the Final.

“I’m stoked, over the moon right now,” Lamb said. “I was in the lead in the beginning then Makua fought back with his two nines. I knew I needed a high-nine and tried to remain cold as ice and wait for the wave and it came through and paid off.”

Two events remain on the Big Wave World Tour for the 2014/2015 season, including a break 12 miles off the northern Mexican coastline, Todos Santos and well known big wave spot, Jaws.

*Imagery & video by ASP