Two Minutes With Andrew Bibby

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posted by Kate McCart

Meet Melbourne street photographer, Andrew Bibby. Dedicated to skating, he found his passion for photography after being injured and forced to sit out of the action for a bit. His natural talent has seen him shooting for magazines including Slam, The Skateboarders Journal, Pop Magazine, Whiteout Magazine, Freeskate Magazine, Bolts, Soggybones, Queenpin, The Bay Skate and many more. More recently he’s published his first  Zine, as well as being a finalist in the 2014 Pedestrian TV Photography Awards.

Take two and get to know the face behind the lens.

Give us a brief rundown on Andrew Bibby?

24 soon, professionally unemployed, picture taker and beer drinker.

Describe yourself in three words…
Camera, beer and boards. 

Where are you based?
Melbourne, Australia.

What triggered your interest in photography?
Injury. I couldn’t skate for a few months, but I still wanted to hang out.

You’re a skate, snow and music photographer… What drew you to these genres?
I shoot anything really. I just like to take photos of whatever I’m interested in. 

Is photography your full-time gig?
Currently, yes.

Have you had your work published?
Yeah, heaps of my skate and snow shots have been in mags. I’m trying to branch out a bit now. 

You have your own zine? Tell us about this…
I’ve only made one so far, with the help of my girlfriend. It’s a bunch of live shots from a road trip/tour with Melbourne band, Hollow Everdaze. 

What do you love about photography?
Prints and books. My walls are cover in posters and photos. I’m slowly building up a heap of great books – looking at photos is fun. 

What equipment do you use?
Nikon, Hasselblad, Contax and Type100’s.

Tell us the backstory to your favourite picture you entered into this year’s Pedestrian Photo Awards?
I shot this on a skate trip. There was a convoy happening and we got a bit ahead of everyone else and pulled off the highway to skate this DIY spot we’d heard of. The sun was going down and Deon was going for it. After a few take, I got the shot I was after.

What is your favourite photo you’ve taken?
That’s a hard question. I don’t think I’ve taken an all-time favourite photo yet. I’ve got a few that I love, but I think the best is yet to come.

What has been your favourite photography job?
For a while shooting photos for New Guernica night club in Melbourne was a lot of fun.
Having all my mates running around drunk in the bar. Pretty solid 3 year chunk. Shooting skate photos is always the best.

What is your dream Sunday?
No hangover from the night before, more beers and fresh snow.

Three things you can’t live without?
Camera, jeans and friends.

Tea or coffee?

Cats or dogs?
Dogs. Cats suck.

Next on your travel itinerary?
Back to Canada.