EXCLUSIVE RELEASE: 'Come People' by Xavier Rudd and The United Nations

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posted by Kate McCart

We are excited to exclusively release Xavier Rudd & The United Nations very first song, Come People from their upcoming album, ‘Nanna’! 

Together with his new band, The United Nations, Xavier is set to release a new album, ‘Nanna’. Followed by a national Tour this March and April, ‘Nanna’ is out in Australia independently on March 13. Xaviers’s eighth studio album, ‘Nanna’ was mixed by living legend, Errol Brown. This album follows his wildly successful #2 Gold-selling album Spirit Bird in 2012. I’m sure every Aussie with a slight interest in music will remember his huge single, ‘Follow The Sun’?

We caught up with Xavier to talk about the inspiration behind the new album, the transition from being a one-man act into a full-piece band, and what he gets up to when he’s not strumming the guitar.

How did Xavier Rudd & The United Nations come to fruition? Was it your own initiative? What inspired this initiative?
It’s a concept, or dream if you’d like, that I have had for a long, long time. I’ve had to be patient with its execution because I wanted it to be right in every way – spiritually, physically, musically – I wanted the band to be super heavy. This is the first time that it’s presented as the right time, so I put it out to the universe and all the members came very organically… and everyone is really heavy.

How did you recruit the musicians that make up ‘The United Nations’?
Everyone pretty much came to the table, very easily, very organically. I just put the word out a little bit into the right circles and the right people appeared. There was no audition process or anything, everyone that first appeared are the members of the current band so it was quite powerful.

When did you start working on the album?
We had our first rehearsals in March 2014, then we all went away and I toured all of last year. We came back and had rehearsals about a month before we made the record.

Where has the album seen you travel?

It hasn’t begun! We haven’t played live yet but we’re about to embark on a world tour.

You must have met some amazing people while recording the album. Does one person/group of people stand out?
No one body stands out – every single person involved in the whole process has been full power.


What was the inspiration behind your most recent release ‘Come People’?
The attitude of humans in relation to their natural energetic connection

‘The Nanna Tour’ commences in Australia in March and sees you ending up in North America. Where are you most excited to play?
Everywhere! I’m going to just generally enjoy touring with this band because they’re amazing and it’s going to be a groovy little party every time we do. A few places off the top of my head: Spain, France, Germany, Colorado, Australia, yeah… there’s a few. 

You’re usually a one-man band (with a plethora of guitars, didgeridoos and drums), how does it feel performing as part of a group? 
It’s a very different process. Playing on my own is a very intimate expression of the song, and it’s all based on my rhythm, where as playing with the band is a collaboration – it’s like throwing balls of energy at each other and it’s fun. It’s really fun.

Tell us the story behind the album name…
This album is for all the Nanna’s with respect and love and Great Grandmother Creation.

Is music work or a passion?
Music is passion – It’s medicine. Travel can sometimes be work.


What do you get up to in your spare time? 
Lots of stuff – being outdoors, enjoying my country and fire, water and salt, sand and family.

Describe a day in the life of Xavier Rudd…
Wake up, listen to the birds while looking at the trees, drink some tea, go check the beach with my dog and see what the tide and waves are doing, maybe go for a paddle up the river, a run, or walk up a hill (something like that), eat, make something out of wood, listen to some music, drink some more tea and go to bed.

What is your greatest achievement to date?
There are so many things that you can be thankful for everyday, I’m not sure what I can call my greatest.. Being involved in the campaign that stopped the gas operation in the Kimberleys, that was pretty powerful.

When you’re not recording and touring where are you based?
On the East Coast of Australia.

Where did you grow up?
Jan Juc, Victoria.

What triggered your interest in music? How did you start out?
I always had songs coming through me ever since I can remember… I taught myself the instruments.

What is your ideal Sunday?
I hardly know which day is which!

What’s next for Xavier Rudd & The United Nations?
Everything! There’s so much coming through. I am all over the globe playing shows, so get ready to boogie.

Any shout outs?
Shout out to CSG Free Northern Rivers for all their staunch work.