Lasek & Hawk Take Out Bowl-O-Rama

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posted by James Willmott

Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach welcomed back the incredible skateboarding world series ‘Vans Bowl-O-Rama’ contest over the weekend, with 42 year-old professional, Bucky Lasek taking out the Pro Division at the 11th annual prestigious event.

Lasek overcame Pedro Barros and Alex Sorgente with his well executed trick selection and creative lines in the big blue bowl, adding Bondi to his already huge list of career wins.

“It’s like a dream come true. This trip to Bondi, Australia, has been like a storybook.  Like someone wrote a book about a skater that came to Bondi, had an amazing time, and that skater’s name just so happened to be mine!” said Lasek.

Competitors from all over the globe congregated at the beach-side skatepark, pushing their limits for a shot at the $81,500 prize pool.

Dedicated to celebrating the world’s of art, music and true skateboarding, the Vans Bowl-O-Rama is considered as one of the most exciting competition series in skateboarding.

The Masters Division saw worldwide household name, Tony Hawk rain down on his fellow competitors and taking out the respected division at Bondi for the second year running. Linking together technical tricks and perfectly drawn lines put Hawk in top position, further solidifying his name and influence in the skateboarding realm.

“The Vans Bowl-O-Rama Bondi is one of the best skate events of the year. I was honored to be invited back, and the skating was more exciting than ever. I love Bondi!” stated Tony.

As if that wasn’t enough, American shredder, Ben Hatchell also took out the Red Bull best trick with a backside 540 ollie over the hip, pocketing a sweet $1500 pay cheque.

Every year brings more crowds and excitement as the Bowl-O-Rama has now secured it’s reputation as a supreme skateboarding contest series with competitions also held in New Zealand, the United States, Europe, Singapore and Brazil.

Congratulations to all competitors and we’ll see you next year!

*Imagery by Vans