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    Elly Frangos
    Creative Director and Senior Designer, RES Denim



    Why do you love denim?
    Denim is the chameleon of all fabrics. It is probably one of the most interesting and challenging fabrics to work with in the fashion industry. Denim is constantly changing and evolving, yet its history is always just as potent in its relevancy to its newest technology. With denim you are always learning – it’s always surprising and never boring.

    What do you look for in a pair of jeans?
    Great fit, beautiful high performance fabric and authentic wash.

    What is the brand’s heritage?
    RES Denim is under the umbrella of parent company, Bradmill which has been an iconic Australian denim manufacture since 1927.

    What is RES Denim’s design philosophy?
    At RES we are a collective team of experts that are entirely focused on this one field… denim. The indigo runs through our veins. We draw on inspiration from the past and use modern techniques to create beautifully fitting jeans in high performance fabrics with authentic washes at an affordable price.

    Talk us through the inspiration behind the new season collection…
    Every season we pay homage to denim icons and apply that inspiration back into an Australian ideal. Tge inspiration behind the AW15 collection is somewhere beyond the sea, where the ocean meets the city. Think stormy winter ocean, deep navys, brilliant blues and whites. Think the city, sun faded concrete and worn black asphalt. Our denim icons are Patti Smith, Uschi Obermaier and Bruce Springsteen.

    What will we see you wearing from the collection?
    My personal favourites are the Trashqueen Moth, the Harrys Hi Stormborn, Harrys Hi Crop in Crow, The Harrys Hi Jon Snow and the Wanda Outlaw. For those of you that aren’t scared of the old Canadian Tuxedo (double denim), I’ll be wearing our Sister Awake Denim Kacket in Point Break back with my Harrys Hi in Stormborn.


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