Meet The Model: Ed Hopper

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posted by Kate McCart

Meet Ed Hopper. Model, uni student and 1980 Honda motorcycle owner, the 21 year-old was the man in front of the lens for SurfStitch’s Basics campaign.

Keep reading to know more about the Mr. Hopper.

Give us a brief rundown on the Edward Hopper story?

I’m a 21 year old uni student living in South East Queensland. I’ve got a lot of family in rural areas and the rest are on the coast, and that’s always been a battle – I never quite know where I want to be. I’ve done a bit of travelling over the past couple years. I think I’m just waiting for the next place or thing to call out to me.

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Restless, intrepid and unhurried.

Where are you based?
Brisbane for the moment- until uni finishes up. 

What do you get up to when you’re not in front of the lens?
Lots of uni,  water polo a couple times weeks, and try to get up or down the coast as much as I can.

Any hobbies or interests?
I just got hold of an old 1980 Honda motorcycle, so that’s eating up all my time at the moment.

Tell us about the SurfStitch basics shoot…
Ive done a few shoots for SurfStitch so I’m pretty familiar with everyone in the studio. It’s always such a good environment – everyone’s really energetic and isn’t afraid to give feedback. The basics shoot was one of my favourites as it’s all gear that I would wear everyday, which makes it that much easier and fun. The funniest moment from the shoot was probably watching Dajana the photography coordinator on her tip toes trying to adjust hats on my 6 foot 3″ frame. 

What is your favourite basics brand? And, what will we see you wearing from that brand?
I think most of the t-shirts in my wardrobe are AS Colour, mainly their Paper Tee. The fit is always perfect and they’re just a good quality staple. When I’m getting around it’ll be in one of their tees, a pair of Zanerobe Sureshot Jogger Pants and a pair of Nike’s.

What’s been playing in your headphones lately?
Australia Street by Sticky Fingers – it’s been in repeat for a couple weeks now. More recently, Modest Mouse’s new album, Strangers To Ourselves.

Describe your morning routine?
6 Weetbix and a run or swim. 

What’s your ideal Sunday?
Early morning surf, long lazy breakfast by the water and spending the afternoon tinkering on my bike.

Favourite food/cuisine?
Breakfast food for sure. A bit of avo on toast always goes down well. 

Tea or coffee?

Morning or night?
Morning for sure – Im up when the sun is up!

Cats or dogs?

Favourite holiday?
I usually head up to Papua New Guinea around January/February every year. Once you get out into the islands there are some of the most amazing reefs and dive spots. It’s crystal clear water and it never gets cold. 

Next on your travel itinerary?
I think North America is next on the cards – a road trip down the west coast into Mexico.