Meet Your Maker: Johan Lindstedt of Nudie Jeans Co.

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posted by Kate McCart

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of Nudie Jeans. In the denim game for well over a decade, the Swedish brand has been instrumental in the growing popularity of raw denim, and has built a household name for itself along the way.

We caught up with their 9 year long Denim Designer and Product Developer, Johan Lindstedt to get some insight into what happens all the way over there in Gothenburg.

Introducing Mr. Lindstedt.


What’s your role at Nudie?

Denim Designer and Product Developer.

How did Nudie come to fruition?
Setting the goals and sticking to them.

What does Nudie mean to you?
Sustainability without compromising aesthetics.

What sets Nudie apart from other denim brands?
I think we differ in philosophy and that we stick to ground values no matter what.

You have offices and showrooms all around the world, where are you based?
At the mothership in Gothenburg.

Walk us through the design team’s innovation process for the AW15 collection?
We are working around the different seasons in Gothenburg and how the weather and surroundings impact on how to dress.

Describe your style…
Basic black and greys.

What will we see you wearing from the new season collection?
Grim Tim Dry Black Selvage jeans and a black roundneck tee.

Describe your workspace?
Ordered chaos.

Walk us through a typical day at Nudie HQ…
Morning coffee, followed by mail check. We then discuss what needs dealing with and if there are any fires to put out before going into collection work.

Describe the Nudie team in 3 words…
Brilliant, confident and reliable.

The fashion industry is a bit of a hard one to crack, how did you get your foot in the door?
I knew what I wanted to do, and never gave up.

Give us a brief rundown on your story?
I grew up in a small town in the middle of Sweden, got bored and moved to Stockholm. Worked in some stores before moving to Gothenburg and working with a number of brands.

What’s been playing in your head phones lately?
Black Strobe and Jazzkammer.

Any hobbies/interests outside of Nudie?
Music and motorcycles.

Describe your morning routine…
Alarm rings, and I try to work out what day it is. Then I shower and have a coffee before hitting the road to the office. This all takes 15-17 mins max.

What is your ideal Sunday?
Sleep in, put on the stereo and hit the floor with coffee and the newspaper.

Where’s paradise?
Within, particularly when things are chaotic. That is the beauty.

Next trip?
Amsterdam for King Pins then Tunis for the collection and straight to London from there.

What’s the next big thing coming out of Nudie?
Stay tuned and you´ll find out.