Two Minutes With Wax Witches

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posted by James Willmott

Alex Wall seemingly can do no wrong. After breaking away from Queensland indie rock duo ‘The Bleeding Knees Club’ and pursuing his solo act as Wax Witches, things have never looked brighter for the Gold Coaster, who recently returned from a successful tour in the United States.

We caught two with the man himself to chat about the tour, his time living in New York and what’s to come for the rest of the year.

Thanks for catching up Alex! How’ve you been?
No worries! I’ve been really good!

You were part of Bleeding Knees Club, are you enjoying your solo career as Wax Witches?
Yeah! Bleeding Knees was fun, but kind of got a bit intense and serious. Having a band by myself is way more enjoyable. It’s more of a hobby than anything. I get to play shows and record music when I want to now, which is cool.

You’ve just returned from a tour in the United States which included playing at the South By Southwest Festival and many other places. How was the tour?
The tour was awesome. We toured from Los Angeles to Texas, spent a week at South By Southwest then toured back. We played a bunch of rad venues and got to tour with our buddies Meatbodies.

What was your favourite venue to play?
My favourite show was our show in San Antonio. It was a South By Southwest hangover festival with Thee Oh Sees presented by Burger. There were just a bunch of kids going crazy at like 6pm. Then my car got towed so that sucked, but the show was really fun!

Tell us a funny story from the tour.
I know one night I went to bed and Ross (drummer) barged in the room at like 5am and was in bed, passed out within like 5 seconds. Then the hotel phone kept ringing and he wouldn’t answer it, so I eventually got it. It was some taxi driver blowing up cause Ross had done a runner and the cab driver had tracked him down at our hotel somehow. So he had to get up and the dude made him drive like 2 miles to an ATM to pay him.

Did you meet some other big name bands?
I met Nardwuar. That’s cooler then meeting any band.

You began playing shows on the Gold Coast and now you are travelling abroad to do tours and shows to all your international fans. Does it feel a little surreal sometimes?
It used to feel really weird and surreal. I always used to just stop and be like what am I doing? But it has been like five years now, so it just feels normal. I just toured Europe and we played to awesome crowds every night of the week, even Mondays and Tuesdays. That felt really surreal. I’ve only played on the Gold Coast maybe four times in the last four years, so that actually feels the weirdest out of any show.

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What is the best part about being on the road?
Seeing new landscapes and not being at home.

What about the worst part of being on the road?
Not sleeping, and wearing dirty clothes for weeks.

You were living in Brooklyn, New York. Did you find you were able to draw a lot of inspiration from the Big Apple?
Yeah I love NYC. It inspired me every day. I wrote and recorded my new album there which is coming out hopefully this year. New York is so crazy, loud and weird. You are always in funny and strange situations that can’t help but inspire you.

How does touring in the States and other countries differentiate from touring in Oz?
Touring the States is rad because you drive everywhere and every city is real different. You get to see a lot of cool stuff in between shows. Touring Europe is cool too because every show you get free dinner, free drinks and free accommodation. Touring Australia you just fly into the city, play a show then leave. But I get to see all my friends around the country and usually kids are real wasted and crazy.

What’s planned for remainder of 2015?
I’m mixing my new album at the moment. Then hopefully move to Los Angeles and get some sort of a normal life happening, then tour again? I don’t know really. I want to go to Japan this year too.

 *Imagery by Ladygunn/unknown