Meet Your Maker: Alex Apostolidis May The Label

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posted by Kate McCart

Meet May The Label‘s Head Designer, Alex Apostolidis. We caught up with Alex to get the scoop on the spring 15 collection, the pieces she’ll be coveting, her Schnoodle, Jerry and what’s next on her travel itinerary.


What’s your role at May?

I am Head Designer at May. Each season I collaborate with Georgia (founding owner) on new concepts and ideas for the upcoming collection. I get the ball rolling with our initial direction, designs, print research and textures. Georgia and I then have a lot of fun bringing it all to life.

What does May mean to you?
May is so special to me, because I get to come to work and do what I love. Seeing my thoughts come to life in tangible form is so rewarding!

What inspired your most recent collection, ‘Dream’? In your opinion, what sets it apart from other brands new season collections?
I love the notion of euphoria, and the thought of finding that Utopian life where you sit on clouds and pat puppies all day (haha). I wanted to explore the levels of the meaning of the word ‘dream’, whether that be what you do when you sleep or hopefulness. We represented this through our prints, colours and silhouettes. This collection differentiates itself as we have included a beautiful mix of statement and relaxed pieces which can all be worn together at any time of the day. There are some really stylized looks in minimal prints and textures.

Describe your personal style…
I love quality, therefore I do tend to dress quite minimal. My must haves would include a fresh white tee, some chambray, chunky knits and leather. Comfort is always a must – I need to feel relaxed when I am designing. I generally love a good over sized something… whatever that may be.

What will we see you wearing from this season’s collection?
I love all of the striped basics – they have been my uniform for the last few weeks! The Starlight Playsuit in Camellia and Black are a also a ‘dream’ come true. It’s such a flattering piece with the crossover neckline and long sleeve. It’s my current Friday look paired with tights to dress you appropriately for after work fun. 

What’s your favourite thing about being part of the May team?
The women I work with are incredible. We all motivate and support each other. We have a really honest and professional relationship, which I believe is key to any successful business.

Describe your workspace… Where is HQ?
A beautiful warehouse space in Richmond. There is lots of natural light and tall ceilings. My favourite part is a big wall I sit in front of that I get to use for mood boarding and range planning. 4×4 meters of surface where I can put whatever I like… incredible.

What are some quirky things that go on behind the scenes at May HQ?
Well there is baby animal petting zoo and pony rides every Friday… just kidding hehe. But seriously, we love playing dress ups in our new collections and development samples – getting to know our product is always a lot of fun!

What’s been playing in your headphones lately?
I love all of the new Tame Impala releases – I can’t get enough!

Any hobbies/interests outside of May?
My boyfriend is a photographer, so I do find myself assisting him on shoots and helping him with styling. It’s really great to have another creative outlet that inspires what I do at May!

The last place you travelled?
Both Georgia and I were just in Bali! We go there twice a year for production, as well as some down time to get inspired and refresh ourselves for the next season to come. It is really great to take a break from the city hustle and regroup before any big project.

Next stop?
I am off to Europe… London, Paris, Rome the Amalfi Coast and Santorini. I think I might have an okay time?

What gets you up in the morning?
If we are speaking literally, my very anxious and affectionate Schnoodle, Jerry. He cries outside my door from sunrise… But also the fact that every day is different for me, whether it is designing, fittings or range planning, I learn something new everyday. That is enough to get me up and out the door! 

What’s the next big thing to come out of May?
I am SO excited about our next collection. The concept for ‘GIRL’ spring 15 came about after realising how many young female women we have in society acting as great role models for all of us. I wanted to give some focus on our pop culture icons who are making a difference. A nod to our Emma Watsons and Dakota Fannings out there. Not to mention, some of my favourite shapes and prints we have done for May thus far. Cannot wait to wear every piece!

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