Two Minutes with Jamie O'Brien

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posted by James Willmott

Just in case you were unaware, Jamie O’Brien is known for his insane antics both in and out of the water. Whether it be dominating the line up at 10 foot Pipeline on a pink foam board, to calculated board swaps at Backdoor or all the fun activities with his crew, Team Grom, Jamie O clearly lives the life we all wish we could.

We caught up with Mr. O’Brien to talk his recent trip to the south of Mexico, the best and worst things about the Hawaiian Winter and how it is to work closely with the Catch Surf family.

Jamie you legend, thanks for taking the time to catch up! How are ya?
I’m good, chilling in Mexico right now.

You’ve just returned from Mexico, how was the trip?
The trip was crazy! It was one of the biggest swells Mexico 20-25 feet. I was stoked, scared all at once. Overall it was a pretty intense trip.

Episode 1 of Who Is Job 5.0 just went live. What can we expect from the series? It seems you have really raised the bar this time round!
You can probably expect a higher level of filming and living life to the fullest. Also expect more stupid shit and sick surfing.

We know you love your soft tops, infact, you are probably the only person we’ve seen surf +10 foot Pipe on a bright pink longboard. What’s the best thing about being apart of the Catch Surf family?
The best thing about being apart of the Catch Surf family is that they embrace the whole softboard revolution. Who doesn’t like stealing waves on bright pink softboard. It works out well.

Tell us how you work with the crew on your pro model Beater boards and other pro models? What influences do you have on the dimensions, art work, etc?
Basically they figured out which board is right for me in certain conditions and the rest is history. This year I went with the aloha print because it sets off the fun vibes. It’s also cool because it unisex and everyone can get down with it.

Tell us all about the supsquatch. Who’s idea was this, who are the crew you ride it with and describe one of your more gnarly sessions on it? We’ve seen a few go down…
Well to me this whole time they talking about getting barreled on the supsquatch, so they made a smaller one so you can get barreled. Shane Dorian was pumped to do it and a huge part of it. It was me, Shane Dorian, Ryan Hipwood, Poopies and all the boys. The gnarliest session was when we got barreled on that thing!

Yep! We saw you guys got barreled on it while in Mex?
Yeah we got barreled with it in Mexico that was kind of the highlight of the whole trip besides rafting with Poopies on a 15 footer.

Who are the crew you normally roll with? Who are Team Grom?
Team grom is Poopies, Scotty Vibes, Damo and Kalani Chapman.

Jamie O'Brien, Backdoor
How’s your love life?
It’s perfect.

What’s the best thing about the Hawaiian Winter?
The best thing about the Hawaiian winter is that there is so much available to do whether it’s supsquatching, soft topping, big wave rafting, wiamea river, etc. The options are endless because I’m at home, I’m comfortable and I can get away with some crazy things.

What’s the worst thing?
Crowds and onshore winds.

Describe a day in the life with JOB when you wake up and Pipe is on. Is there a certain morning routine? 
When Pipe is on I’m usually freaking, can’t sleep, wake up , drink a Redbull, kind of pace and make sure I’m out there before John John.

Time for a hard one, Pipe or backdoor?
Pipe because it’s so much easier.

Jamie O'brien
Keiki or Waimea shoreys?
Waimea all day long. Waimea is the Hail Mary of all shorebreaks. It’s the sleeping giant!

Favourite post surf feed? Teds bakery always goes down well.
It’s all about poke at Pupakea Grill.

If Pipe didn’t exist, what would be your all time favourite wave?

Any plans to visit Aus soon? Come down and say g’day!
Yup, when the RedBull Cape Fear event gets the green light I’ll be there.

Tell us what’s next to come from Jamie O’Brien.
Episode 2 of Who is JOB. The Catch Surf Catch Cracks episode.