Two Minutes With Sebastian 'Seabass' Zietz

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posted by James Willmott

This is the world of Oakley‘s Sebastian ‘SeabassZietz, and it sure is a mighty fine one. Considered as the underdog until officially joining the World Tour in 2013, Zietz has made a solid effort in his professional surfing career, and with the waves in Hawaii as building blocks, it is no surprise he is at where he is today.

We caught two with Seabass to talk about his recent time Down Under, the funniest people on Tour and the weirdest place he’s ever travelled to.

Seabass, cheers for taking a quick two minutes to catch up mate! How’s your time been in Oz?
Oz is always a good time. Kind of a slow start to the year wavewize for the CT but the waves around the comp period were going off.

Apart from the contest arena’s (Snapper, Bells and Margs) did you score any super sessions at some other spots off the beaten track?
When Kirra was going off before the comp I was in North Straddy doing a catalog shoot. We got fun waves at Cylinders but nothing compared to the photos I was seeing of Kirra. Bells was stormy and cold pretty average waves but West Oz was going off. I wouldn’t be surprised if those are the best I get all year. North Point, The Box, Gas Bay everywhere was firing!

You are obviously pretty close to your girl, does she follow you around the world when on Tour?
Yeah last year she pretty much came every where. I really like having her around she takes care of a lot of stuff for me (including typing this interview hah) so I don’t have to use my brain. We have a lot of fun she makes me see more of the sites outside of the water.

Give us a rundown of a typical day in the life with Seabass?
Wake up absolutely frothing for a cup of coffee. Take an hour poo and watch a few surf videos. Surf for four hours. Another cup of coffee. Surf for two hours, 4 beers, sleep, repeat.

Who are the funniest people to hang with on Tour?
I mostly just hang with my coach Tom Whits he’s an absolute legend. Melling is actually pretty classic. When he comes around he’s always got something whitty to say.

What’s it like surfing slabs like The Box compared to other waves on tour?
I think it’s a lot easier because you just have to go straight. There’s no game plan it’s just put your head down and go over the ledge.

Biggest benefit of your third thumb?
Haha 😉

How did growing up surfing Kauai’s Pine Tree’s shape the way you surf today?
Pine Trees has a lot of power and it is constantly changing so it helps to prepare you for any conditions. Just being from Kauai I feel like there is a lot of emphasis on style. That’s the main thing that gets pounded into your head when you’re a grom

What’re some main goals you want to achieve in your career before you turn 30?
A World Title would be really nice. On the more realistic side being in the top ten, top five and most of all just be known for lovin’ life, having fun and making no enemies.

What beats do you usually crank before a heat?
Emo punk, country and top 40.

What will we catch you doing when you aren’t surfing?
Playing basketball, drinking coffee, maybe a little fishing. Mostly walking in circles hyped up on caffeine.

Skate or snow?
Snow all the way. Went snowboarding the past two years and I think I’ll go every Winter for the rest of my life.

Being a pro surfer you always jetsetting off to new locations. Where is the weirdest place you’ve travelled and why?
The Canary Islands. It’s like being on the moon. There’re no trees just rocky desert conditions with some super fun waves.

Favourite post surf feed?
Kilauea Fish Market Ahi burrito. Da bugga is ono!!

Thanks for chatting Seabass, you legend! All the best for the remainder of 2015!