Meet Your Maker: Casey Egan of DIG

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posted by Kate McCart

Casey Egan had a pipe dream, and just over a year ago it came to fruition. Introducing Deconstructed Indigo Garments. The new kid on Melbourne’s denim block (Fitzroy), Egan and his partner in crime, Ella Rose Foord are all about using good quality, heritage fabrics to make modern-fit jeans.

Take two to get to know Casey, and what DIG is all about.

You started out at Quiksilver and have since worked at Wrangler and Levi’s. What inspired you to pack up and start our own brand?
I have always wanted to start my own denim brand. I was so fortunate to work with the best denim heads in the world, who taught me everything about fabrics, fits, washing and the entire business. Recently, I saw a gap in the market that fitted my personal design aesthetic and it just felt like the perfect time to have a crack on my own. I was also really lucky to have the support of family and friends to make it happen.

What does DIG stand for?
Deconstructed Indigo Garments. Our ethos is to represent the balance between progressive tailoring and heritage fabrications. We found that a lot of brands using similar fabrics to DIG have a strong heritage mindset when it comes to fits, and I personally love wearing a more modern and progressives fit. These fits are never available in premium fabrics. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and educating the consumer of the three important elements of denim; fit, fabric and wash.

You guys are based in Melbourne. Why Melbourne?
Melbourne is our home. I grew up in Jan Juc (an hour away) and it’s the closest city. It’s a bit of a denim hub when it comes to street style, as well as a lot of Australia’s top denim brands based here too. It’s good a great city to be immersed in for daily inspiration. The weather is also perfect for wearing jeans all year round.

How many make up the DIG crew?
I take care of all men’s and Ella Rose Foord designs our women’s collection. It’s very hands on. Together, we cover all aspects of the business, so we are continually learning something new. We are lucky to have a bunch of talented friends that help us with odd jobs including Tom Law (photographer), Josh Speechley (website) and Hugh Warner (our resident fit model).

Describe your workspace…
We are very fortunate to have an amazing converted warehouse/loft space in Fitzroy. There are huge sliding windows that look down onto the main street, fabric leg tubes and samples everywhere, a pub on the corner, and our dog Naboo. It’s a really nice open space.

What’s the inspiration behind the new season DIG collection?
Our debut collection was inspired by the beautiful fabrications we found, with a subtle 70s vibe lingering in the background, we looked at playing with the proportions of iconic denim fits, to create newness, whether it be thru a cropped men’s and women’s loose flare, or dropped crutch style with extreme taper/crop detail and our take on a classic 70s western denim jacket.

Walk us through a typical day at HQ…
I start with coffee and toast. This is followed by lots of emails, and then visiting my new best friends at the Fitzroy post office to ship out any outstanding orders. After that, depending on where we are at in the timeline, it’s either design, research, fitting, marketing etc. I then call it a day and take Naboo for a walk in the park.

Tell us a couple of quirky things that go on behind the scenes…
We are basically hoarders. We have far too many pairs of jeans and denim swatches – it’s organized chaos.

What’s been blasting in your headphones lately?
Neil Young’s On The Beach, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Felt, The Go-Betweens, Spiritualized, Christopher Owens, Dick Diver and Fraser A Gorman’s incredible new album.

Name a few brands you’re hyped about/inspired by right now?
I always love seeing what LVC, Kapital and Visvim are up too.

Tell us something different about you that people may not know…
I’m extremely uncoordinated –  I surf natural, skate goofy, fall up stairs and can’t run due to my abnormally long legs and high hip placement.

Describe your morning routine…
Coffee, Vegemite toast, emails and suss out what the surf is like.

What’s your ideal Sunday?
Lazy start. I’ll possibly find some surf with friends and then go for a walk with Ella and Naboo in the bush.

What do you get up to outside of work hours?
Chase some surf, hang out with the dingo, cold beers and chicken parmys, some live music and op shopping.

Where’s paradise?
San Francisco is by far my favourite place on earth. It’s such a diverse laid back city filled with close friends, great vintage shopping, incredible surf and even better music venues.

The last place you travelled?

Next stop?
Hopefully Tokyo.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs, in particular a 6-year-old mini sausage dog named Naboo.

Tea or coffee?
Coffee, and mainly that cheap instant coffee that kick starts your heart.

Favourite cuisine?
Can I classify toasted sandwiches as a cuisine?

What’s the next big thing to come out of DIG?
Continue to push our unique fit and wash offering, whilst sourcing the most premium denim available. We are super excited about the strong assortment of selvage fabrications we have coming for both men and women.