EXCLUSIVE: Herb Gardens, Pipe & More With John John Florence

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posted by James Willmott

Breaking away from the standard October-March Winter season of swell, it’s safe to say Oahu has seen plenty of unusual action of late. The notorious North Shore strip has been dealing with a variety of different swells, which in turn has opened the gate for a range of world class spots to be taken full advantage of before the busier crowd factor sets in just next month.

Who’s there to take advantage you ask? Who else but Mr. John John Florence. Full of kale, carrots and beets from his homegrown herb garden, training is in full effect for the upcoming Hurley Trestles competition, and with his home breaks providing nothing but perfect, pristine preparation grounds, Florence obviously is a strong contender for the win.

Welcome to Hawaii’s homely September feels through the eyes of John John himself.