Two Minutes With Ryan Tiene

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posted by James Willmott

If there has been one man to burst out of the Australian snowboarding scene and take on the world, it’s Ryan Tiene. The guy has spent countless amounts of time chasing the Winter all around the world, and whether it be riding in the parks or off deep in the mountains backcountry terrain, Tiene has pushed the boundaries of high performance snowboarding and has no doubt cemented his name in the game for years to come.

Join us as we catch up with Ryan to talk about working with his sponsor families, what he gets up to in warmer climates and what it was like to grow up Down Under and nowadays take on the world’s best snowboarders.

RT, thanks for having a chat. Being a professional snowboarder you are obviously always chasing the Winter. What is your favourite country and mountains to spend time at?
Yeah, always on the road! I spend most of my time in Whistler, Canada but my favourite place would have to be Japan. I love the people and the snow is amazing!

Where are you currently based?
I’m currently based in Cronulla, Sydney.

What about when it comes to your down time? What do you get up to in warmer climates? We know you like to surf.
Yeah, love to surf but I’m really into golf too, it’s a great way to spend a day when there are no waves.

How does it feel to come from Sydney and now be boarding with some of the best in the world who have grown up in prominent snowboarding countries?
It feels pretty cool to have broken through to what people would have thought was impossible only 10 years ago. It’s pretty rad to call some of the people you grew up watching in snowboard vids and now you get to go ride with them! Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s all real.

Who are you riding for?
I’m currently riding for DC, Oakley, Union, Thredbo, Rhythm snowboard store, Hitcase and Vivo.

How do you work with your sponsors to ensure the best possible products are hitting the markets? Do you have much to do with the behind the scenes of designs, etc?
Yeah, I work with DC a lot we have meeting a few times a year and tell them what we like, what we don’t like and whats needs to be better. We also go through graphics and design and let them know what we think.

Describe yourself in three words.
Happy, passionate and stubborn.

Who do you draw inspiration from for your style of riding?
I used to watch a lot of videos growing up and drew a lot from that. Some of my favourites were Devun Walsh and Iikka Backstrom. Now I’m lucky enough to be on the same team and ride with them.

You participated in the DC Snowboarding L’Invasion earlier this year. Tell us more about this project and how it was to be apart of.
I don’t even know if I snowboarded there haha it was more of a drinking vacation! It’s really just a week to go over all the products and hang with the retailers. Pretty rad spot though!

How do you amp yourself before throwing yourself over those huge ledges & jumps for a full day?
When we are building the jumps the anticipation kinda grows and you get super excited. The amp has always been there, so never really had to do anything to get that pumped up, maybe a nervous poop.

Do you have any go-to tricks?
Usually a front 3 or a back 3 in the park, but when we are filming you gotta go all out straight away to try get the shot before the snow in the landing gets blown out. I guess that can be scary if you’re not quite sure of the speed.

What is the best thing about being a professional snowboarder apart from the countless amount of fun?
My favourite thing apart from the actual snowboarding would be the freedom my job gives me when I’m not snowboarding!

Chairlifts, helicopters, snowmobiles or hikes?
Helicopters for sure can get the best spots and just being in a heli is pretty cool.

We saw you’ve been doing a few bits and pieces down in Thredbo. What’s been happening down that way?
Yeah, I’ve been down there a bit so far this year. I had the Torah Bright mini shred the other week. That was fun and we just got a bunch more snow so heading down this weekend to try get my pow fix!

Where is next on the travel cards?
Just back and forth to Thredbo. Then a NZ trip later in the season followed by a trip back to Canada and Japan towards the end of the year.


*Imagery by Scott Serfas