Reverie with Jack Lynch: Summer in the OC

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posted by Kate McCart

Hailing from humble beginnings, the kid from Scotts Head gained notoriety for his grace and style on any kind of surfcraft. We’ve been jimming in on Jack Lynch’s recent adventures in the US. With the help of some of his best mates, we’ve documented Jack’s journey as he rides everything from a fish to a 9ft mal.

Here we were – the start of 3 months in California to take in Summer, with a few side trips down to Mexico, of course. But first, we had to get through the notorious U.S Customs in LAX. Two hours later, we cleared and were on our way to Costa Mesa where we were to set up a home base (of sorts) in my friend, Alex Knosts’ garage. As we cruised past LAX, it was clear that we had left the Australian winter back home – we were well and truly in the middle of summer again.

First task was to go and pick up our van that was going to get us from A to B, and down the coast into Baja Mexico. The van was in Lucida, so decided to catch the coastal train the ran the down the coast to get the lay of the land, and see where we would be spending the next couple of months enjoying what the Californian summer has to offer.

After a long day of customs, train rides and learning how to drive on the oppsite side of the rode, we retired back to the Newport Beach area. We stopped by the infamous establishment, The Alley of Newport Beach, which ended with a meal and a few bud lights with friends from home who had spent the last few months travelling through the U.S and Central America.

The next week or so was spent with day trips to iconic breaks like Malibu and Sano. Mornings spent at First Point in Malibu – sharing boards and trying to find some shade under the boards leant up against the wall. Afternoons spent down at Sano State Beach, stopping off before hand to fill up makeshift coolers full of Tecate Beers, tortilla chips, dip, salsa and carne asada to cook over the open fire pits once the sun set at 8.30pm!

Being summer, major swells a few and far betweenm so on days when it was a little too small (but a necessity to be in the water because of the heat), it’s a great idea to take the Pacfic Coast Highway to places like Laguna for some lunch. My favourite lunch spots around that area were The Stand (a vegan hole-in-the-wall) and Taco Loco for some killer seafood tacos. After that, we’d usually wash off and bodysurf at 1000 Steps or Salt Creek.

It’s been an experience soaking up the summer days and nightlife around the OC, but after a few weeks, it’s time for a change of scenery. I’m looking forward to some uncrowded waves in Baja.