Meet Your Maker: Toni Dameglio of Talulah

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posted by Kate McCart

Meet Talulah‘s visionary and Head Designer, Toni Dameglio. Hailing from the Italian powerhouse, Miu Miu, she has also worked for high-end Australian Designer, Collette Dinnigan. Um, wow!?

We caught up with Toni to hear more about her ridiculously impressive resume, as well as get a glimpse into the creative world of an Australia fashion staple and their new spring summer collection.

What’s your role at Talulah?
Head Designer.

Walk us through the design team’s innovation process for the spring summer collection?
My design process starts with research and taking inspiration from a lot of visual and cultural references; mainly art, movies, music and design. I was recently inspired by a trip to India. Who doesn’t love India – all that color and spice. Everything and anything can help when coming up with ideas for a collection. When I have a general feel for what it might look like, I start sketching and sourcing fabrication. Once everything has been designed and signed off, which is a back and forth process through the design team, the collection designs are then passed to the pattern makers and finally produced.

Describe your personal style… Is it reminiscent of the ‘Talulah’ girl?
My style is very feminine but a little bit eclectic. I dress depending on mood. I am a Talulah girl through and through. At night, I love dressing up in a sexy fitted dress with designer heels.

What will we see you wearing from the new season collection? Any stand out pieces?
I love the Fantasy Net Flare Dress – its bright white and fun shape is very appropriate for a warm summer day. The Venus Strap Dress is the perfect sexy black dress for racing.

Talulah HQ is based in Byron Bay – how lucky are you! How did you end up in this beautiful part of the world?
I was working for Collette Dinnegan in Sydney when I met my boyfriend and we decided to travel the world together. However, his love of the Australian ocean and surfing called us back to Byron Bay.

Describe your workspace? Walk us through a typical day at Talulah HQ…
Our offices are colorful and chaotic, and there is always laughter echoing through the halls. I love my job because no two days are the same – it can start with some designing followed by a meeting with print graphic designers to select the aesthetic for the upcoming season and finish with fittings. We are always, always looking for inspiration to make sure the Talulah girl is ahead of the pack with her sartorial choices.

Tell us a couple of funny/quirky things that take place behind the scenes at Talulah HQ?
Anything to do with my girl and Wholesale Manager, Kate brings a smile to my face! Pranks are rife, and the girls go for swims or surf on their lunch breaks. We are in the process of organising a Bohemian themed beach party at The Pass this Friday, which will hopefully get a little bit crazy.

Describe the Talulah team in 3 words…
Creative, hardworking and fun.

The fashion industry is a bit of a hard one to crack, how did you get your foot in the door?
Studying design in Milan gave me a competitive edge as I was able to immerse myself in the Italian design aesthetic, which is so different to the rest of the world. After graduating I heard Miu Miu were hiring and I was fortunate enough to have the talent to be given a job. After that, it was very hard work that saw me progress to Senior Designer.

Give us a brief rundown on your story?
I grew up in Darwin. My parents are Filipino and Italian. I am fluent in Italian and studied design in Milan, where I worked for 8 years before returning to Australia where I met my partner.

What’s been playing in your head phones lately?
FKA Twigs.

What do you get up to when you’re not designing ranges at Talulah?
Yoga, travel and laughing with friends.

Describe your morning routine…
I wake up half an hour before I am due to be at work, quickly duck into the shower and give myself just enough time to grab and coffee and apply my eyeliner.

What is your ideal Sunday?
Adventuring in Byron with my lover. Mainly, looking for waves.

Where’s paradise?
In bed with my boyfriend!

Next trip?

Favourite food?
Italian cured meats.

Tea or coffee?
Coffee. Black.

Cats or dogs?

What’s the next big thing coming out of Talulah? What should we be getting excited about?
Our autumn line is going to be amazing, with beautiful deep, dark colors for when the weather turns cold.