Two Minutes With Pama Davies

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posted by James Willmott

Style, precision and power – three well chosen words to best describe Bondi Beach local, Pama Davies. Compared by many in the past as the love child of Craig Anderson and Jordy Smith thanks to his effortless pose and ability to tear apart any line-up, the self-funded free surfer has worked hard to travel the world in search of perfect waves and mind blowing situations, and you guessed it, he’s found them both.

Since blowing up in the free surf scene over the past few years, particularly since his introduction clip to the Haydenshapes team we might add, Pama now has a collection of several big name sponsors and is taking the path many young surfers only dream of. Whether it be hanging around the local breaks with his buddies, spending time at the infamous Bondi Beach skatepark or travelling the globe, one thing that is for sure is that this kid is one to keep a close eye on.

We were lucky enough to catch Pama for a few days on his recent trip to Queensland to talk about his time up here on the Gold Coast, why he chooses a certain go-to board (hint: you can see it below), the struggles and rewards of a free surfer and much, much more. Jump aboard and join us as we meet and see Mr. Pama Davies in a whole new light.

Thanks for having a chat mate! What brings you to the Gold Coast?
Thanks for having me! I’ve just come up to a do a little time in the SurfStitch studio and get some waves!

How’s it been? Been scoring a few sessions at Snapper with the rest of the Goldy crowd?
Yeah, Snapper has been sick! I flew up two days early hoping to score a few waves, and it’s got the most amazing sand at the moment, it’s been really fun.

You hail from Bondi, being one of few who was actually born and bread. What separates it from the rest of the world and makes it so special?
It’s a weird place, it has got a huge hype over it. I guess it’s the fact that it’s the city right on the beach, and there is just so much going on there. There’s not a a lot of places like it in the world. It’s sick living and growing up there, though sometimes you can get trapped in the vortex! Some people think the waves don’t turn on but like everywhere, theres always a few days when it’s absolutely cooking!

How well do ‘The Bondi Hipsters’ actually reflect the true Bondi Hipsters?
Honestly, I think they are doing so well for themselves! They hit the nail on the head perfectly with how they write a lot of people off. Their jokes are pretty spot on when they write off all the people that are from there and have moved there trying to get a taste of the action. Things like organic eating, specially made coffee’s, etc.

You also know a few of the guys at Stab Magazine, who are also based in Bondi. How did this come about?
I guess just surfing around Bondi, that’s how I met the Stab boys. They all surf at Bondi heaps, and their office is right there so we always run into one another.

What’s the best way to spend a Friday night when there are no waves for the weekend?
Farout… If there are no waves, I don’t know if it would just be Friday night! Haha, nah it’s always good to have a nice casual beer at the Beach Road Pub and with ya mates on the hill in the sun.

Who are you currently surfing for?
At the moment I’m surfing for TCSS, Arnette, Globe and Haydenshapes.

Tell us how you work with TCSS and your other sponsor families to ensure the best products hit the market?
With my surfboards, for sure, I give them heaps of feedback. With the clothes I also always give feedback. For instance, what’s working and what’s not with the boardshorts. Things like the cuts and styles, they are usually pretty onto it though!

We’ve seen you cruising on a Haydenshapes Hypto Kryto. What makes this board so special and what are the best conditions to ride it?
Yeah, I’ve been riding the Hypto Kryto lately in a 5’4. The same board Craig Anderson rode out at 10 foot Kandui. The board is literally for everything, Hayden has done really well with it. The fact that you can ride it in 1 foot slop or 10 foot perfect and just got mental on it just proves that is literally an all round board. A lot of people in Bondi use it for its paddle power and catching waves, and also because Craig rides it I guess!

A lot of people may not know that you are a completely self funded free surfer. Tell us about the challenges behind this line of work?
To get funding to go over to places you do get a little help from your sponsors, but at this level, you mainly just do a few days work here and there just get a bit of extra coin and ofcourse incentives from your sponsors always helps. Until you are on a really good contract you kind of need to do a few little things here and there to make sure you can still make it all happen.

What about the obvious advantages?
Ofcourse being able to surf while everyone else is in an office makes it great. It’s not like I’m off buying houses or anything though, but I have enough to travel around and surf sick waves all over the world and see interesting places, which is really cool.

With so many people successfully achieving their career goals in this field, take Noa Deane, Dion Agius, Creed McTaggart and more as examples, it is obviously a career path you want to stick with and give your all?
Yeah, I love what those guys do. I love how Noa, Creed and Craig all surf. My favourite would actually have to be Dane (Reynolds) though. He has solely made it off just surfing, I mean he obviously has that little look and stuff but he’s purely made it through his ability to surf, its crazy! He doesn’t need to be on the tour to prove he is one of the best surfers in the world.

Do you ever see yourself chasing the competitive route?
I have in the past, like when I was a grom I came 2nd in the Aussie Titles in the under 18’s and was doing a heap of other comps then too, but for the last year I haven’t competed at all. I broke my ankle and hurt my back so missed a heap of comps. I was going to do them, they are a bit of fun, so next year I think I’ll do a few QS events to see how I like it and how I go.

What else do you get up to outside of the water?
My mates all skate really well so its always good going down there and hanging with them, just cruising and skating a bit just at the Bondi park on the beach. They all love to skate there and it’s epic cause I can surf and then come in and have a skate too. We always go through fazes whether it be playing some cricket or soccer and just do stuff like that. Drinking beers is a big hobby aswell!

Where is your next trip and who will you be cruising with?
I’m going away with the Arnette crew in about a week from now, a few kids and Chippa Wilson will be all on that and we are venturing to Forster (NSW) and that will be really fun. After that I’m heading to Indonesia to get a bit of footage for a new web clip, but I’ll probably keep clear of Bali and venture to the other islands and score sick waves. If there is a swell hitting Deserts Point I’d love to get up there for it.

If you could recruit five people for a fantasy boat trip, who would they be?
Probably Craig (Anderson), a few buddies like Matt King and Chris Robertson, Kelly Slater and Dusty Payne.

World Title predictions?
I think Mick has it in the bag! After the shark thing and winning Trestles, I just think it’s all made him stronger and he’s going to kill it!