An Afternoon With RVCA Ambassador, Margaux Arramon Tucoo

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posted by James Willmott

Hailing from the beautiful coastal town of Biarritz in France’s North, Margaux Arramon Tucoo first found her love for art and the ocean when growing up in her mother’s beachside studio. These days, she continues to breathe life into her incredible art work through passion and dedication, giving thanks to her tight ties to mother nature and deep love for the ocean.

A soul surfer at heart and also a proud stand out member of the RVCA Artist Network Program, Margaux has created magic with more than just a few several special pieces, and with many more projects in the works set to land in the near future, it’s nothing but exciting times ahead for all involved.

We were lucky enough to catch up with the French beauty for an afternoon to discover a little more about her ethereal and intricate artwork, what it’s like to work with multiple big name brands, and find out how she balances her important worlds of surfing, travel and art.

Margaux, thanks for having a chat! You have just recently been in Java! Tell us all about your journey.
Yes, it was amazing and also a new travel destination for me. I have been going the same places for the last two years and needed a nice and wild gateway. Where we were staying was about 10 hours away from the nearest airport, had hardly any phone connection for 3 weeks and a reef with perfect right handers. Also a heap of nice locals and amazing food. Jungle living, I loved it!

Do you get to travel a lot with RVCA?

I do more and more each year with the brand. They are really developing and working on the women’s range and advocates since last year and we have been able to get a few team trips. I also organise my own projects with them and they give me the budget and support to be able make it happen. It is also so amazing to be able to travel the world with support and creating new things!

What has been your most life changing experience?
This year has been life changing. I hadn’t surfed much at home in between the trips. I had the opportunity to live in London to concentrate on my art and this has been life changing because I would have never have imagined myself living in a city! It felt so different not being a surfer but a city girl and experiencing the metropolitan vibrations.

What’s your  favourite wave?

The right hander we get a couple times a year by the castle at home and Pipes down in Encinitas California.

Your favourite place in the world?
Ahh I can’t choose! I always feel so nostalgic about many places but I keep Southern California in my heart for sure.

Tell us a little of what is was like growing up in the Basque Country.
Walking out of my house and crossing the city to go surf everyday by a castle on a rock facing the mountains, all of this is so beautiful. Surfing in harbors on freezing cold Winter days, eating amazing French and Basque food, living amongst a small circle of people and be able to have regular opportunities to travel into Europe and go to Spain for an evening or a day because its because it’s close! All these little things made life there so amazing.

Do you remember your first wave?
Yes! I was 8 years old down the beach at la Cote des Basques with my dad where I have been surfing ever since then. Something I will never forget.

Did you ever think surfing would be your life’s work?
I don’t truly know how it happened, I just followed my heart and my passion for travel and surfing. I loved seeing my friends around the world and I got the travel bug! As more and more opportunities grew I was able to let my art be a platform for travel as well as surfing for RVCA. It kind of just all fell into place and happened!

It gets pretty busy in Summer in France, do you have any secret spots to get away from the crowds!?
It is hard to find a quiet spot around here now days! The solution is to find those secret beaches up the coast or down in Spain.

You also are an ambassador for Keep a Breast foundation, tell us about this?
It has been nice to work with Keep a Breast, I helped painting casts and being casted a good amount of times, I still go every year to give some art for the foundations month, in October.

Do you have any other brands you work with besides RVCA?
I do ! I work a lot with Axxe wetsuits in Japan designing women lines , Stance Socks , Raen Optics and Eq Love sunscreen.

You are a very talented artist, tell us a bit about this?
I have people around me that push me with their own creations and I am always inspired to improve and grow. I am personally evolving in a different way and experiencing different aspects of myself with my art. Exploring Northern Europe a lot more to get inspiration, taking courses and trying to get techniques in different mediums. I am getting so excited about what could be next for this part of my journey.

Any art exhibitions coming up?
Yes! I am launching a collection, in collaboration with my friend and illustrator Marynn for RVCA women and we are opening the Spring range in San Francisco around end of April in the RVCA gallery there. Very very exciting!!!

Coffee or tea?

Cats or dogs?

What’s next for RVCA and you?
The collection LA PETITE MORT, a full exhibition we designed around for an art show we did in London in October 2014, is going to be moving to a gallery in San Francisco in April 2016. We designed all the pieces and graphics . It is very super exciting so see this evolve. I can’t wait!