John John's 'View From A Blue Moon' Official Trailer

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posted by James Willmott

Never before has there been so much excitement and anticipation for a surf flick than now. Introducing ‘View From A Blue Moon’, a film by John John Florence and Blake Vincent Kueny.

Captured over the last three exhilarating years entirely in 4K, the feature film follows John John’s journey from his home on Oahu’s North Shore to the best breaks around the world, showcasing both the challenges and triumphs that come with being the world’s best surfer.

Featuring the likes of the rest of the Florence clan, Kiron Jabour, Jamie O’Brien, Filipe Toledo and more at a handful of locations off the beaten track around the globe, ‘View From A Blue Moon’ will no doubt define the standard and movements of surf cinematography going forward.

Here we have the latest trailer of the exciting new film, with the full release scheduled to drop early December.

“My favorite thing about this film is how we made it. The toys we used might have been bigger and more expensive. But we shot this movie in the same spirit we always have. We spent quality time with family and friends in my favorite places on the planet. We went surfing. And we documented it so we could take it home with us.” – John John Florence.