What Inspires You? with Annita Maslov.

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posted by James Willmott

Element Eden has just launched their new global campaign, ‘What Inspires You?’, with Melbourne-based Tattoo artist, Annita Maslov.

`What Inspires You?’ takes a look at what motivates people to constantly create and innovate – The drive of passion and the endless need to express one’s self. The series shines the spotlight on those who see the world differently… And it commends them for it.

We took five with Element Eden’s ambassador, Annita Maslov and discovered what makes her tick and why it’s important to be inspired.

Tell us about your creative space?
My creative space is a tattoo studio in Kensington. It’s a very homey space with a relaxed atmosphere, and I’m surrounded by fellow creatives so it’s a very motivating space to work in.

What do you love about tattooing?
I love the collaborative nature of tattooing- customising designs for clients who trust you enough to get your art on them forever is extremely gratifying and humbling.

What is your favourite colour to work with?

Why is it important to be inspired?
It’s important because if you’re inspired by a certain thing/moment/emotion to the extent of needing to express it through art, it doesn’t only communicate your message, but also communicates your conviction. In turn, this could be incredibly inspiring to your audience.

How do you live for the weekend?
During my weekends, If I’m not drawing for clients then I’ll most likely be reading, spending time with friends at a quiet bar or watching live music at a venue. … I think it’s important to spend your weekends and spare time to really figure out what you are passionate about, work out how you can turn it into a career, and then work towards making it a reality. It may be hard work, but when you get there you can live for everyday; not just the weekend.