A Sunny Disposition: Luke Wyllie

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posted by sgallaher@surfstitch.com

Not many people are lucky enough to have a job that finds them in boardshorts everyday. It’s just a fact. Unless you’re going to make it as a professional surfer – and let’s face it, you’re probably not – chances are you’re going to spend your time bolted to a desk in an office cubicle, or digging holes. However, there’s a select few who’ve really thought about this vocation thing, and have sculpted their lifestyle so that they can spend the majority of the sunlight hours wearing boardshorts. These are the stories of these visionaries. Welcome to a Sunny Disposition.

Now, let’s meet: Luke Wyllie

Mr Wyllie leads the kinda life that ensures he gets proper waves, with regularity. In the pocket of his Hurley boardshorts you’ll find laminated helicopter and plane licenses – two assets he flexes, as a wildly enthusiastic surfer. He knows the west coast of Australia better than most. With air transport to check surf, he can show up and blow up given there’s an airstrip to hit. There’s a healthy pack of fellow WA gentry to hunt with, the likes of Taj Burrow, Dino Adrian and the Brown Brothers. Luke moves well in the juice (think: solid Box, Cow Bombie!). And, he’s an ocean man: Diving, spearfishing – they’re all in his sphere. Given Luke’s action man tastes, his lifestyle hovers in a similar place as Hurley’s continual goal to push boundaries. They’re about making the world’s best technical boardshorts. Luke’s about finding the world’s best waves. Both ask: How can we make life better?

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