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posted by James Willmott

Sydney based model Natalie Roser is the definition of Australian beauty. First starting her modeling career at the age of 13, Roser has come a long way since those early years, building a portfolio of high achievements (including runner up for Miss Universe Australia pageant and countless magazine covers) throughout her journey.

Whether hanging at the beach, enjoying Bondi’s selection of delicious restaurants and café’s or travelling around the world for the world’s top fashion labels, one thing is a given, her name is one to remember.

We caught up with the Aussie stunner to talk everything from how the modelling and fashion industries have changed over the years, to her favourite meals over Summer and so much more.

Thanks for catching up! What have you been up to?
Shooting for SurfStitch! Other than shooting campaigns I’ve just been enjoying the beautiful weather, so lots of time at the beach, training and loving the Summer vibes!

What first made you want to get into modelling?
I actually never thought I’d be able to model, I was just 13 when I started and it’s something that my mum thought I’d be good at. She went behind my back and entered me into a competition that I did well in and it actually ended up landing me my agency and starting my career. It was strange because when you are that young you never think about what could actually happen.

Where are you based?

I’m living in Bondi, but I travel a lot! I’m always going back and forth from Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the list just goes on.

Describe your style?
It’s pretty relaxed and comfortable. I draw a lot of inspiration from my friends as well. But mostly just simple. Everything in my wardrobe works well together too.

Being a model, you obviously need to stay fit and have a great eating plan. Can you tell us some of your favourite dishes and any fitness routines?
I love food! Finding healthy food has almost become a bit of challenge for me, but I love avocado on toast and smoothies for breakfast! I like learning about nutrition how the body works, knowing what to order when you eat out that is both healthy and delicious is always a good thing.

Any favourite cheat meals?
My cheat meals are definitely ice cream. I love Messina ice cream! It’s so addictive. If you get there, try the Robert Brownie Junior flavour!

Tell us about a typical day in life of Nat Roser?
I wake up nice and early, go to the gym before work, then go to my shoot and get my hair and make up done. I always make sure I eat throughout the day and have a nice sustainable lunch to get me through the afternoon. Normally in the afternoon I’ll then find out about my shoot for the next day so then determine what needs to be done to prepare for then. Then a nice, healthy dinner and an early night.

How do you think the modelling industry has changed over the years to where it is today?
I think it’s changed really drastically. I’ve been modelling now for about 12 years, so I’ve been through all the stages from a young model to a fashion model doing cat walks for high end labels, though now I do a lot more commercial stuff like beach style in relaxed environments. It suits my personality way more. Over the last couple of years, the push for fitness models and what not has really increased, the whole healthy living thing is really important now, especially in Australia. Globally, I don’t think it has changed as much as it has in Australia. I’ve worked overseas and I’ve definitely noticed it’s a little bit different in other countries. Even city verse city. Like Miami and New York, a lot of those places seem to still have the stigma that models are meant to be really skinny. I’m really happy in Australia because we are pioneering that change!

If you weren’t a model, what else do you think you’d be doing?
I have a degree in visual communication and design, so probably using that! Before my modelling got to where it is today I also ran a photography business, so probably something with that too! My interests are always changing though, so who knows!

Any Summer beauty secrets?
I love using coconut oil for everything – skin, hair, arms and legs. Good food is also really important, as well as keeping hydrated and using a really good sunscreen to protect you from the sun.

Do you have any favourite labels that fill your wardrobe?
I really like Tigerlily! It’s a really beautiful Australian label with amazing prints and materials. I also love Billabong, Roxy and Rusty. I was really into surfing when I was younger, so those brands mean a lot to me!

What would we find playing on your ipod?
Taylor Swift! I went to her concert recently and it was the best! I cried when my partner gave me the tickets, no joke!

Do you have any trips coming up for work or play?
Yep! I’m looking to explore Perth and the Pacific Islands for a few days really soon. I’m also tossing up the idea of London and Germany for a few weeks early next year! I always try to balance my work trips with a bit of play.

How do you spend Christmas?
Always with my family. My mum is a really weird present buyer, so we all get something unique and different every year and play a heap of games. Last year the present was a dart board. We’ve also had laser tag and other things like that which is a great way to start off Christmas morning. Then there’s always the Christmas ham and all the delicious food to dig into!

Tell us a random fact that not people would know about you?
I have a weird phobia of fish! It’s serious.

You also love shooting photography and being behind the lens, what makes this so special?
It’s kind of the same thing that I feel about the whole fashion industry. I love creating and being around creative people and I love making things, so that’s where it comes into play. I love working with sunlight and being outside a part of it, tweaking things to how I like them.

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