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posted by James Willmott

Torren Martyn, it’s a name to remember if you haven’t locked it in the memory bank already. The standout surfer and artist is known for his open-minded choices of surf craft and his cruisy, down to earth attitude – and of course his ability to tear apart any wave thrown at him, anywhere around the world.

Last year held many exciting times for the 25 year old, clocking up more stand out sessions than the rest of us would know what to with thanks to his second home, and our neighbours to the North, Indonesia. Combine that with plenty of adventure and you paint the perfect picture of his textbook by the beach lifestyle.

We caught up with Torren to talk his stand out sessions of 2015, his quirky crafts of choice, what 2016 holds and much, much more.

Thanks for having a chat Torren! Whats been happening?
The last six months I’ve spent a heap of time in Indonesia. I got over there just after that big swell that Craig Ando scored pumping Kandui. It was a good season over there, wave wise it got a little slow, but when the swells came it was pumping. I was mainly just based in Bali, but did a few trips to Desert Point and Java. It’s somewhere I go for a few months every year, it’s kind of like a second home for me.

Can you tell us about the craft of choice you’ve been using lately?
Over the past 12 months I’ve started riding a heap of twin fins. I originally got into them because I thought it would be perfect for grovelling conditions over Summer. I rode it at a good little swell in Broken Head, and thought it just felt unreal. Then followed it up at a big swell at Kirra and it just blew my mind. I ride between 5’7’ and 5’9’, and now have a heap in my quiver. I just enjoy the different feeling.

How different will 2016 be from previous years now that you’ve parted ways from Afends?
The few years I was with Afends they helped me a lot. We worked on heaps of projects together, which I always would pitch the idea’s and do a lot of the organising for. I would just do trips and see if they wanted to jump on board and get some clips made or photo’s, and it would always be a good time. Now we’ve parted ways its opened up new opportunities, I’m just going to keep doing my thing and travelling to score waves.

Do you think you you’ll join another team?
I’m still with Electric and they’ve been helping me a heap! I’m actually about to fly to The States and see them, so that’ll be fun and exciting. If something on global scale came up it would be incredible. It’s all just an exciting new chapter.

From the looks of your Instagram you scored a heap of epic waves last year. Can you tell us about a stand out session or sessions?
Definitely a few surfs at Desert Point. And Java, got a heap of waves there. It’s a really cool place, you don’t have to drive and do the mission, it’s all just there for the taking.

You are also really into your art, can you tell us where you draw inspiration for your pieces?
I’ve been drawing on my boards since I was about 10, and never really stopped. It started out as cartoon characters that I’d scale up from a Google picture, all done with poscar pens because I had such a huge collection. Around 2-3 years ago I started doodling on some boards again with a new style. Kind of like a Mandala theme and patterns. Some boards I spend between 20-50 hours on. I’m a bit obsessive compulsive and I like things to be really neat. I really enjoy doing it and it’s just cool to see how it’s all evolved over the years. I’ve been fortunate to have a few collaborations with some brands and shops too so it’s really become a hobby.

Do you have a favourite piece?
I recently did installation for Bali Boat Shed, they are based in Seminyak. I painted like 20 wooden ores for them highlighting all the best surf breaks in the world. I haven’t seen them up on the wall yet because it was all done towards the end of my Indo stint. It’s really exciting when something like that happens.

Who do you look to for inspiration when surfing?
Growing up I never really had a favourite surfer. I’d always draw my inspiration from the actual waves rather than people. More recently it’s more been about different boards and equipment. I feel like my technical surfing has slowed down a bit but I’ve just been having so much fun surfing good waves and having good times.

What’s your favourite post surf feed?
The corner store in Byron. You can’t go past the chicken salad wrap with pesto and mayo. It’s so good!

What about when you are in Indo?
I’ve sort of really changed my diet over the past 6 months, trying to eat healthy and stuff because you can really feel it in your body when you aren’t. I was actually finding it a lot easier to eat healthy over there than here in Australia. A few friends opened a new restaurant called The Pelaton which is really healthy. They’ve got a meal called the ‘Tricken Shnitzel’, and it tastes exactly like real chicken but it’s vegetarian. So yeah, probably that!

Who are the crew you usually cruise with?
I actually really like to do my own thing. I’m happy to just be cruising solo sometimes. I grew up in Byron and have all my good friends there but I like my own space.

What’s in the woodwork for 2016?
Yep, heading to Hawaii for a week and then California for a few more weeks. It’s fun over there, it’s kind of like here, except on steroids. I’d love to do a bit of snowboarding while I’m over there too. Otherwise the rest of the year will just be full of surfing.

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