Stab x Swell Present: Scorched

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posted by James Willmott

In September last year, a boat named the Kaimana Royale was chartered to the Mentawais. It was late in the season, transitioning from consistently pumping surf and fine weather into an increasingly active monsoonal season. The punters were all back home, counting the days until next year, but one crew was still out there searching, waiting out the wild weather and scoring pockets of uncrowded perfection.

The crew included Dane Reynolds, Kolohe Andino, Noa Deane and filmmaker Toby Cregan. The plan? An honest Indonesian boat trip with three of the world’s most progressive surfers. The boys came to chase waves and Toby came along to capture it on film… But it was so much more than that. It was a return to surfing’s classic values. A traditional approach to the most modern surfing. A refreshingly simple and honest account of a crew of amazing surfers, surfing amazingly, in amazing places. In fact, to fully understand the purpose of the trip, you need to fully understand these three surfers.


Noa Deane:
Whether it be throwing buckets with his precise and explosive on-rail surfing, or boosting higher than today’s interest rates, Noa Deane has secured his position as one of the world’s most talented and progressive young surfers. His skate-like projectory and style mixed with his raw, anti-establishment and no-worries attitude shines through to his surfing, permeating it with a raw and uninfluenced style. There’s no denying that over the years, despite his best intentions, Noa has let a few profound thoughts slip through on occasion. Though his love for travelling and adventure searching for the next best session, speaks for itself on this epic trip to the Ments. Riding his signature board model, the Sista Brother, as well as some soft-top fun boards, Noa is always a standout in any conditions.

TTM1612BLK-RUSTY-1Contestant performs at the Bowl A Rama in Bondi Sydney Australia

Dane Reynolds:
If there’s one man who holds a special place in the hearts of surfers all over the world, it’s Dane Reynolds. He’s known as one of the first surfers to mix a strong, controlled air game to that of traditional and powerful rail surfing, and he’s certainly no stranger to releasing epic avant-garde surf clips online. But there’s no mistaking that his surfing continues to inspire the next generation. Dane has been a lead influencer in modern board design, innovating new features and designs that molds style and pushes ability. And unlike Noa, Dane will, from time to time, make appearances at World Tour events as the Wildcard we all want to see.


Kolohe Andino

Beginning to surf at just the tender age of 10 on the shores of San Clemente, California and evidently not stopping since, Kolohe ‘Brother’ Andino brought nothing but his World Tour expertise and essence of passionate, competitive nature to the Mentawai’s. Kolohe is, by his own volition, a fierce competitive surfer, and whether on the tour, or a fun trip away with mates, he’s no doubt bringing his A-game to the table, and it’s clearly seen throughout the journey abroad. “It gives me a purpose, something to strive for, something to motivate me to get better and better”.



You might’ve already seen Thank You, Andy, a short film that used clips shot during the Scorched boat trip. But, the trip as a whole was as much about the future as it was the past. And the place where the two meet is… intoxicating. Welcome to Scorched.